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Earwax build-up? Easily solved!

Earwax Cleaning


Waxy EarcanalIt might not sound very sexy, but earwax build-up is a very common problem and can cause real misery. The relief of removal is instant, so there is no reason for anyone to suffer in silence!

We at Clements Hearing Services have seen a huge rise in the number of people using our earwax removal service in Glasgow... so much, in fact, that we have expanded our premises to dedicate a whole clinic to it.

Normally earwax makes its own way out of the ear canal (if you like factoids, it takes approximately four months for wax to move from the eardrum to the outer ear) but the process can be interrupted. This can be caused by a number of factors, like the shape of the ear canal or the consistency and 'stickiness' of the earwax

The build up of wax (which is a combination of dead skin, oil, cerumen, sweat, hair and general detritus) can cause a range of problems, from simple itchiness, to earache, tinnitus and hearing loss. Some of our customers come in to the clinic in considerable distress.

Microsuction Earwax Removal

Clear ear canalWe use microsuction to remove the blockage. I am a qualified practitioner and use a microscope to assess the ear and have the depth of vision while I carry out the painless procedure. I am always delighted by how happy the patients are afterwards, the relief must be wonderful!

If you suffer from an earwax build up, the likelihood is that it will be a recurring problem, so we encourage people to have a check every six months. The process usually only takes a few minutes, but if the build up has been there long term it can take up to 20 minutes.

Just remember never to put anything smaller than your elbow in your ear!

Earwax removal costs 40 pounds for one ear or 70 for two.

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