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Which? survey finds independent retailers score highest

As independent hearing aid retailers, we find ourselves between a rock and a hard place.

We must compete with the NHS on the one side and the huge nationals on the other.

The little guys like us must work especially hard. That's why we were delighted to see that independent hearing aid retailers scored highest for products, pricing, staff, service and facilities in a recent Which? survey.

We are up against the NHS, the biggest buyer of hearing aids in the world, which then gives them away for free, and the the large corporates. Companies like Boots and Specsavers not only have massive advertising and marketing budgets, they often have suppliers as shareholders.

And yet customers rate us most highly. Local independent retailers scored 84%, compared to 79% for Boots, 69% for Amplifon and 68% for Specsavers.

At Clements, we are very proud of our independent status. We can set our own agenda and we can decide which products to use. Unlike many of the national players, whose dispensers are restricted to the product and price list det by head office, we are free to choose brands and products based on which best suits the individual. We proved this recently when we began to fit Resound's newly launched Linx Squared hearing aids. We genuinely believe they are a game changer, and within a week we had four customers who heartily agreed.

The other thing Clements Hearing Services is able to do, is plough much of our profit straight back into the business. We are constantly upgrading equipment and investing in training, in order that we remain cutting edge. We recently spent £8000 on new equipment to allow us to measure an individual's sensitivity to background noise.

So we really feel vindicated by the Which? report, and would urge you to read it here.

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