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March Boom

March was our best month ever.

We've been in business for twenty years so that's saying something!

I think our success is down to three factors: new technology, support from our suppliers and the trust we've built with our customers over the last two decades.

We have previously blogged about the amazing new Linx Squared hearing aid we now prescribe. We don't use the term game changer lightly, but we have been hugely impressed with the way it interacts with smartphones and the spatial awareness it offers. Within a couple of weeks two of our free trials have resulted in the individuals buying the product. We have three more on trial and it seems they are as bowled over as we are.

The advances in technology really are staggering - we've come a long way from ear trumpets!

Businesswise, we are really reaping the benefits of a new practice management software system from Blueprint and new marketing techniques. We learned a lot during Unitron's Unite University - a two day conference held last year in Manchester focusing on marketing and practice development. Following on from that we have implemented ideas from Dee Blick about branding and from Brian Taylor about improving the in-clinic experience for our clients so that they become our advocates. Geoff Cooling's advice on website design and, funnily enough, blogging have been invaluable. Suppliers like Unitron really look after us and play a big part in helping us to compete with the nationals and the NHS. So a big thanks to UK marketing manager Joe Thomas and his team for staging such a great event for the independents.

Finally, our longstanding presence in the market means customers trust us. We are a small, husband and wife team, who have always strived for excellence. At times, we've had to scale back - we've survived through two recessions - but we have always reinvested profits in the business. We have spent money on equipment to keep us at the cutting edge of testing, we've kept up our professional training and development and we've worked hard to make the clinics inviting and comfortable. We've even improved the quality of our stationery to reflect our professional attitude!

All these elements, together with some really hard work, have combined to give us our best month ever. We are very proud to be able to call ourselves a centre of excellence and intend to continue on this upward path. Thanks too to our customers, many of whom have been with us for most of these twenty years. We look forward to being of continuing service to you and to welcoming the many new faces we are now seeing.

If you would like to see for yourself, please pop in to our clinic at 538 Crow Road, Glasgow... or give us a call 0141 950 6030.