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I should have known better !

I was hot and sticky after the hour's drive from Fuerteventura airport to our apartment in El Cotillo. So what do you do when you're hot and sticky and your apartment is blessed with a roof pool? Obviously you jump into it. Which is what I did.
As soon as I submersed my head in the water it happened. Water got into my right ear canal and lodged itself in and behind the accumulated ear wax which I knew to be there before leaving Glasgow, but about which I did nothing.
Ha Ha you will say! I of all people should know better. I remove great wads of wax from the many ear canals of the people who always want in urgently because they are about to jet off to a holiday in the sun and they know what a holiday blight a blocked ear can be.
So where am I now? Partially deaf in my right ear with more than the usual ignorable tinnitus. I'm constantly sticking my little finger in the entrance to the ear canal and wiggling it around in a vain attempt at clearance. When I swallow I hear a clicking sound. The right ear has a heaviness. The Valsalva manoeuvre helps not at all, which confirms that it's the ear canal and not the Eustachian tube that's blocked.. I of course know better than to use Cotton buds.
As you can see from the picture the holiday is far from ruined but as I write this I wish I had cleaned my ears before leaving. Yes, I have perfected a method of cleaning my own ears which I perform regularly because I am one of the many whose ears wax up regularly. Before leaving I guess I was just too busy sorting out everybody else's wax to even think about my own.

See you all when we get back.