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Hearing loss isn't an isolated case

Please spare a thought for the person who shares their life with the individual with hearing loss.

It's often a tiring, lonely time. Spontaneity sometimes loses out, a funny quip is not so funny when repeated just once too often.

Television can be excruciating. Often times the person with the hearing loss is unaware, the volume is turned up, but that is not the problem. It's the interaction about what is being viewed which is often missing. As viewers of Gogglebox know, discussing the plot or laughing at the outfits or sharing the shock is half the fun of watching TV. That can all fall by the wayside when one person's hearing is compromised.

Age-related hearing loss is what we are talking about. It is the most common type of deafness and the one we see most often in our clinic. Its onset is so slow (and in some ways insidious) that the subject is often blissfully unaware of the extent of the problem. It is the long-suffering significant other who usually bears the brunt.

Being human there must be "oh my god moments"... We see them come into the clinic with their significant others, giving support and making sure all that can be done is being done.

Ladies and gentleman you are the tops, and by the way, LOVE our chats in reception.

Val Clements

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