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Case study: Mrs Hamilton's first visit to the Earwax Removal Clinic

Mrs Linda Hamilton recently visited Clements for the first time to have excessive earwax removed. We asked her for some feedback...
Describe the symptoms that made you think you needed earwax removal...
I was aware of ringing in my ear so went to my GP. She said both my ears were blocked with wax and gave me oil to put into each ear twice a day for a week, then I was to visit the nurse to have them
syringed. I kept forgetting to do this twice daily so things drifted ! Then I heard about Clements!
Were you nervous?
It was my first time visiting Clements, but I was not at all nervous.
What was your impression of the clinic?
The clinic was very bright and clean - and not at all medical looking !
How would you rate the customer experience?
Mr Clements sat me at a desk & asked a few questions about my symptoms etc and then we went through to another room where he showed me the technology he uses, a camera and computer, [watch a video of the earwax removal process here] and explained very clearly the process. I felt totally at ease.
How did you feel after the procedure?
The procedure was very straightforward and pain free. If anything it was slightly tickly, and I was aware of cool air rushing in after my ear was unblocked! ( one ear was clear )
Would you go again? Would you recommend Clements Hearing Services?
I would definitely go back and intend to make it an annual visit. And I would definitely recommend the clinic to my family and friends.