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Staying in touch

We really like to see our clients, It’s really great to stay in touch with them and our annual review system is the ideal way for us to do this. It really meets many needs, we get to see our customers and we get to ensure that they are getting on as well as they should. 

A hearing aid solution

Just the other day Mark Alexander called in for his annual review and we had a catch up. As a software architect, Mark works in a demanding environment where interaction with colleagues and business associates is key. Mark is also hearing impaired to a degree which would be classed as severe. He has been using Unitron Max hearing aids for three years now and about two years ago he upgraded his system by adding Phonak’s Roger pen. These combined technologies changes the focus from just the hearing aids to a wider solution for hearing loss. 

The Roger Pen

A life changing technology for hearing loss

According to Mark this has been a life changer for him- especially at work. Mark has ten remote microphones each of which communicates with his hearing aids, this is made possible because their audio input is channelled through and controlled by the Roger pen. It means that if  Mark’s in a meeting with ten people , each of them would clip a microphone to their shirt or collar and the Roger pen would be put on the table to act as a controller of the microphones.

Less exhaustion, more interaction

When they speak their voice is sent directly to Mark’s hearing aids. He now hears virtually every word with great clarity even if he has his back turned to the speaker. It amazes him that he doesn’t have to concentrate nearly as hard simply to hear. This allows him to use his mental resources to devote to interacting in the meeting rather than exhausting himself just trying to listen.

Helping out at work and play

The pen and mics are also a great boon to him socially as well, Mark is now able to better enjoy a restaurant meal or a social outing with friends and family. He is really finding the devices a life changer for him, enriching his life more than just even the best hearing aids could

We love feedback

Thanks, Mark for coming in and sharing your very positive experience with us. It’s great to see the technology in action and living up to its maker’s claims. We love feedback, both good and bad, don't get us wrong, good feedback is really nice. However, even bad or negative feedback is very useful to us. We are committed to offering the very best service, aftercare and hearing aids in Glasgow. If we aren't achieving that goal, we really want to know so we can up our game. 

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