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hearing aid advice pages

We added some easy reference hearing aid pages to the website. We wanted to make sure that you can have an easy reference page to the latest hearing aids available from the different hearing aid brands. To be honest, even though we talk about the latest hearing aids that are introduced on the blog, it seemed silly that we didn't have easy reference pages. So we thought it was time we added them. 

Phonak Audeo Belong Rechargeable hearing aids

You can read about the latest Phonak hearing aids in Glasgow here

Resound Hearing Aids

You can read about the latest Resound hearing aids in Glasgow here

Unitron Hearing Aids

You can read about the latest Unitron hearing aids in Glasgow here.

We hope that the pages will give a quick high level view of the ranges available from each hearing aid brand. Of course, we also have the hearing aid advice guide available as well. It will give you a good run down on hearing aids, their types and their pros and cons. 

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