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Resound LiNX 3D Review

Resound Linx 3D

Just Introduced, But Already Getting Fantastic Reviews

The latest Made For iPhone range from GN Resound has just been introduced, however, it is already getting rave reviews. The devices are a huge improvement on the platform and offer outstanding new features and abilities. We thought we would cover the early reviews of the devices and in another post we will talk about what the hearing aids offer. 

Steve Claridge of Hearing Aid Know spoke about his experiences with the new hearing aids recently in his article called GN ReSound LiNX 3D Review - Performance in every day use. He is pretty impressed with the results so far and he definitely likes them. 

Experienced Hearing Aid User

Steve is an experienced hearing aid user, so he has been around the block as they say. He has experience with multiple brands over nearly thirty years, that adds some weight to what he says. Let's look at it. 

Annoying background noise......gone

Steve said that one of the issues he has constantly had during his use of hearing aids is background noise. He said that using the hearing devices had brought him to a realisation. Background noise had actually been affecting him so much that he often took his hearing aids out.

"This was a bit of an eye-opener for me, the LiNX 3Ds fixed a problem that I never realised I had: being bothered and not understanding speech so well due to background noise. And by background noise I don't mean obvious noise problems like the din in a noisy restaurant, I mean everyday ambient noise like the humming of a computer fan, people's shoes clacking on the floor, cars going down the road. It wasn't till I started wearing the LiNX 3Ds that I realised I was being bothered by these sounds before, I was hearing them quite loudly in some situations and that was effecting my ability to hear speech. Now, my everyday environments just seem so much more peaceful and relaxed - I'm hearing clearly things I want to hear and am not constantly getting an annoying low-level background of noise like I used to. A couple of times during the first few days of switching to the ReSound aids I had to click my fingers near my ear just to make sure they were still switched on! I used to really enjoy taking my hearing aids out for a few hours during a day just to have a break from listening and get a bit of peace and quiet - I don't really feel like I need to do that any more."

That is a pretty big statement, it simply means that the LiNX 3D has brought some normality to his life. It also means that because he is no longer so affected, he can wear his aids longer and get the benefit they are supposed to deliver. Many of the people we see talk about the effect of background noise on their ability to understand speech. In most cases the hearing aids we provide help them greatly.

Steve has a severe to profound hearing loss, so much of his residual hearing is in the areas where noise sounds are. It is obvious that the LiNX 3D is better at separating those sounds out for him. 

Understanding who is talking

Another thing Steve said was that he has a much better ability to tell where a sound is coming from. He felt that he could much better tell who was talking when he was in a group, something that he had real difficulty with before. 

"The LiNX does a good job here, it's directionality features do a great job of focusing on sounds right in front of me but also giving me good hearing ability from all directions. This means that if I am looking at the person speaking to me then they are coming through loud and clear - but also if someone behind or to the side of me talks then I can pick them up and I know where they are. The hearing aids seem to deliver fantastic spatial awareness, again something I didn't really realise I was missing out on."

Speech in noise benefit

Steve also spoke about the difference in sound quality he was getting and the dramatic effect the hearing aids were having on his ability to understand speech in noise. This was one of his major problems in the past and a particular situation used to play havoc with him. Steve and his family spend a bit of time in the car, his daughter rides horses so they are often up and down pulling a horsebox. 

One situation that is vastly improved for me is being in the car. I cannot overstate what a difference there is for me here. I used to have a lot of trouble hearing people over the road noise and if a window was open or the stereo was on the conversation was a no-go. Road noise is now a thing of the past, even with the window open it is reduced to a faint background noise that I can easiy hear words over - I'm comfortable now talking to people whilst travelling. That is important to me because my time spent in the car with my family is no longer dead time, I can actually have a chat.

You can read the rest of the article at the link above, but he speaks pretty highly of the devices and what they are offering him. It is our job to help people, it is really important that we help people hear in situations that really matter to them. In the case of Steve, the car is a big issue and the hearing aids are delivering. However, it is obvious from his review that they are delivering in many more areas of his life. In essence, that's exactly what modern hearing aids should do. 

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