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What our customers are saying about Clements Hearing Services


"I cannot recommend Greg's business highly enough. I was made to feel at my ease as soon as I entered the clinic. It is a lovely, modern, clean and bright space in the West End of Glasgow.

A friend who is a sound engineer recommended that I go to their clinic since I had been suffering from recurring ear infections with severe pain for many years. The doctor didn't do much except to give me painkillers and antibiotics and the episodes of pain kept coming back. Being that I am a musician, it felt catastrophic for me, the thought I might have lost my hearing to any extent. For years the hearing in one ear was almost non-existent and I'd believed that it was gone forever.

I had no idea how much wax had built up inside my ear canals. However, Greg took some notes about my general health and hearing problems, examined my ears, and used his expertise to determine what might be the problem and what could be done.

With the most up-to-date technology, he let me see inside my own ears, and I could see that it was like a dark crystal cave in there. He then gave me some special drops to put in my ears for a about a week.

Once the hardened wax had softened, it was like magic, as Greg very skilfully and gently 'sucked' out the stubborn wax with dedicated instruments. This wax had covered the inside of my eardrums like plaster over the years, so it felt like a miracle that it was now gone. (Normal ear-syringing techniques had failed to remove it previously.)

After this delicate work, he showed me the inside of my ears again and WOW!
I could see healthy, pink eardrums, with every little capillary clearly visible, and even the tiny anvil (?) bone resting behind the drum!

I could hear fully again! The fact that everything was now much, much louder, including Greg's voice, was already testimony to the fantastic work Greg did.
I have been talking about it to my friends and contacts whenever the subject of sound or hearing comes up!
Not only that, but the bill at the end of all this effort didn't cause me to want to faint, so I was very pleasantly surprised!

I feel as though I have been given a new lease of life, being able to hear properly again for the first time in many years. And also, as a woman, I feel safer walking alone in the evening, because I can now hear the faintest footfall on the street / car park etc.

Having 'road-tested' my new ears over the past month or so, I can honestly say that you will certainly not regret a visit to Greg's clinic. It could be life-changing. it was for me."

Anja Starheart, Glasgow


I am a criminal defence lawyer, who's hearing was always poor and was worsening. I deal with clients, witnesses, judges, other lawyers, etc. every day and it is particularly important to be able to hear and note accurately, what was said. In social situations, with background noise, I found it very difficult to hear what was said and it becomes embarrassing to ask s/one what they said, several times, and still not always getting it. I always had the television turned up loud. The NHS gave me one hearing aid, which was very visible and I was embarrassed wearing it. I also failed to help as it simply made extraneous noises, traffic, etc, louder.

I was fitted with 2 very discrete aids, which no-one noticed until I said I had them in. I am not embarrassed to use them. The impact was immediate, with a great improvement in what I could hear. I heard my intercom buzzer clearly for the first time in years. I could hear properly in the pub and court. Even when I do not have them in I feel that they have helped to improve my general hearing too.

Mr Kieran Dean (Solicitor), Glasgow


Dear Greg, For many years now I have been a grateful patient of Clements Hearing Services. As a reluctant hearing aid wearer, I was gradually and gently made aware of the state of my hearing.

The extended family were always kind to me but their professionalism was evident at all times. Response to my queries and being advised of available upgrades to my Hearing Aids has never been pushed when I was still hesitant. Attention to repairs and rapid return has been excellent. The reception staff are pleasant in all circumstances and work very hard with us at all times.

Mrs Margaret Monaghan, Bearsden


I was diagnosed as needing hearing aids some six years ago. I went to Clements and Osborne as they were at the time. Since then and up to the present I have been extremely well looked after. If I have had a problem, this has been attended to by Greg Clements efficiently and courteously. I would have no hesitation in recommending Greg Clements and his wife to anyone who might need help or advice.

Sir John Maxwell Macdonald, Argyle


Whilst travelling from New Zealand to Glasgow my husband and I both experience blocked ears and after looking on the internet for somewhere to go and have them checked we came across the Clements Hearing Services and they were able to fit us in that day.

We found both Greg Clements and his wife very friendly and helpful and felt Greg did a very professional job of suctioning the wax from our ears, even though my husbands were badly blocked. Of course the relief we felt afterwards was wonderful. Thank you Greg.

The Boleyns,


New Zealand

Rosalie Boleyn, New Zealand


Dear Greg and Val,

I would like to thank you so very much for your excellent service. In August I received my new hearing aids from you and I now have my life back. I can hear properly again after four horrible years of bad service from else where. It is seventeen years since I first came to you for help and only once did I stray elsewhere and that was when you were taken over by another company otherwise I would never have left.

I cannot recommend you and your services highly enough to other people and wish you both a long and happy business.

Wishing you both a very lovely and happy Christmas and New Year 2015.


Sarah Anderson

Sarah Anderson, Largs


Hi Greg,

Yesterday I spent on Ben More on Mull making an outdoor presentation to a group of 10 people. Unfortunately it was not windy so didn't get much chance to try out the wind filter (I will get many more opportunities), but i was able to carry on conversations effectively. On the ferry, I did get a chance to use the restaurant mode > sound enhancer > noise filter and speech focus. I was facing a very quietly spoken chap with much background noise. I was able to focus on him and hear every word. Even more impressive, I am just back from a noisy restaurant with Annie and her sister, Mary; normally I can't hear Mary even if I'm facing her across the table. The background noise was almost deafening in "All-Around"™ mode. I selected "Restaurant"™ mode > sound enhancer > noise filter and speech focus. "Comfort in Noise"™ mode almost eliminated the loud background noise. Speech focus reduced the peripheral conversation noise further. They were sitting on my right side, so I then reduced the left side volume and increased the right. Result; fantastic! I could hear every word clearly and enjoy the conversation. Previously I was constantly cupping my hand behind my ear and asking people to repeat themselves. This was really very impressive and I can't recall hearing so well for many years.

I trust this will be of interest and hope that you can forward this email to Calum.


Phil (a very satisfied customer)

Phil Ratciffe and Linx squared