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Val Clements Hangs Up Her Hat

Val Clements

It’s hard to avoid cliché when reflecting on Val; what she has meant to our business and her departure from its day to day running. “Big shoes to fill.” Certainly! “She will be missed.” She has been already. I could go on.

Let’s just say that she has left in body but that her heart and soul are still very much part of the practice that bears her name. As she, in her inimitable manner is quick to point out, she is still a co owner and director of the business and is adamant that the professional standards which she has laid down for the practice will be maintained. It will remain a centre of excellence for its customers.

So for Clements Hearing Services Val will now have a more advisory role as she moves into a well earned retirement in which she will have time for her main loves in life: the family (particularly the grandkids), the garden, cooking, reading and the odd gin and tonic .

Her last main duty was to provide for her succession, and this she has done admirably in the selection and training of the two people who will assume her duties. In future when you phone or call in it will be either Angela or Sara who will greet you. In the short time they have been with the practice both have already demonstrated the commitment to excellence which is and was Val’s watchword. We are delighted to have them.

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