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<h1>More of The Latest Rechargeable Hearing Aids</h1>

More of The Latest Rechargeable Hearing Aids

In the last article, "The Latest and Best Rechargeable Hearing Aids" I discussed rechargeable hearing aids available from Unitron and GN Resound. In this article, I want to cover Phonak rechargeable hearing aids and a recent rechargeable hearing aid device from Widex. As I said, modern rechargeable hearing aids are proving exceptionally popular, they really do seem to have caught the imagination of the public. Every one of the leading hearing

<h1>2017, The Year of Rechargeable Hearing Aids</h1>

2017, The Year of Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Our friends at Hearing Aid Know did a pretty in-depth article on rechargeable hearing aids and it got us thinking. In the last year, we have begun to provide rechargeable hearing aids at our Glasgow hearing aid centre. Rechargeable hearing aids have been around for quite a while, however, up to last year hearing care professionals had not adopted them widely. That all changed with the introduction of a new type of rechargeable hearing aid

<h1>Clements Hearing Becomes Part of Black and Lizars Network</h1>

Clements Hearing Becomes Part of Black and Lizars Network

Recently Clements Hearing became a part of the Black and Lizars audiology network, not much is going to change though. I wanted to take time to explain what has happened, why it has happened and what will happen from here. Initially, I see Black and Lizars as the ideal partners for us. I believe that they have shown the same level of care and attention to their customers as we do. They are also an Independent business committed to providing the

<h1>Phonak Introduces Made For Any Phone Hearing Aid</h1>

Phonak Introduces Made For Any Phone Hearing Aid

There have been many rumours about what Phonak were going to launch this autumn. The most persistent rumour was that they would launch a Made For iPhone hearing aid. Phonak is in fact one of the last big brands without a Made For iPhone range. Well they have finally announced it and it isn't a Made For iPhone, it's a Made For Any Phone.  The wearer can answer or reject a phone call by simply pressing the push button on the hearing aid. When the

<h1>Unitron Rechargeable Hearing Aids Arrive</h1>

Unitron Rechargeable Hearing Aids Arrive

We attended the launch of the latest Tempus hearing aids from Unitron last week and we were really impressed with the new hearing aids. The rechargeaable hearing aid option is a big story and the fact that it is a backward compatible feature really took us by surprise, so we wer kid of focused on that going down there, but then we discovered there is so much more to the platform. Sounds like some sort of weird sixth sense doesn't it? Well it

<h1>Spring Clean Your Hearing Aids</h1>

Spring Clean Your Hearing Aids

The annual arrival of the crocuses heralds the coming of Spring, and they are nowhere more beautiful than on the eastern border of Balshagray drive, which Val and I pass each morning on our way to the clinic. Spring has sprung -the season of freshness and renewal. So- How about renewing your hearing instruments? There’s a lot that’s new in hearing instrument technology and this spring we are celebrating this by staging a new hearing aid

<h1>Phonak Introduces New Rechargeable BTE Hearing Aid</h1>

Phonak Introduces New Rechargeable BTE Hearing Aid

Phonak have just launched their new Bolero Belong Behind The Ear Hearing Aid Range. For the first time ever, it is to have a Lithium-Ion powered rechargeable hearing aid option. It will be the first of its kind within the industry and the first time that Phonak will have a rechargeable BTE. As we said, alongside the launch of the new Bolero Belong platform of BTE hearing aids, they have launched a lithium-ion rechargeable BTE, the Bolero B-PR.

<h1>Smallest Ever Rechargeable Hearing Aid</h1>

Smallest Ever Rechargeable Hearing Aid

Well, we knew it was coming and were excited, but it is even better than we thought. According to Hearing Aid Know, Unitron has introduced a new rechargeable hearing aid option with the new Tempus platform. There was some speculation about what technology they would choose to power the devices considering Phonak (their sister company) had gone for Lithium-ion. However Unitron obviously decided to do it their own way. Not only is it Silver-Zinc,

<h1>Unitron To Introduce Rechargeable Hearing Aids</h1>

Unitron To Introduce Rechargeable Hearing Aids

As reported by our friends at Hearing aid Know in Rechargeable Hearing Aids 2017 | What Can You Expect  For Rechargeable Hearing Aids in 2017? Unitron is planning on introducing a new Rechargeable hearing aid in the near future. At Clements Hearing we really think that is great news. Rechargeable hearing aids are exceptionally popular, so it is great to see a consumer focused hearing aid manufacturer deciding to introduce them.

<h1>Phonak Introduces New RIC hearing Aid Range</h1>

Phonak Introduces New RIC hearing Aid Range

We spoke about the Audeo B-R in our last article because the big news and hype around the launch of the Audeo Belong range, was really focused on those innovative and ground breaking Lithium-ion rechargeable instruments. However, the range has much more than that to offer. It is a full line of receiver in canal hearing aids with new features and new hardware.  Okay, so the huge news is definitely that the Audeo Belong hearing device range is the

<h1>Phonak Rechargeable Hearing Aids</h1>

Phonak Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Phonak introduced its first ever rechargeable hearing aid technology last month and it has proved amazingly popular. So popular in fact that believe it or not they are finding it hard to keep up with demand worldwide. Let's take a look at these brand new hearing aids and why they are so popular.  Rechargeable hearing aids have been around for a long time, but Phonak have never moved forward with the products. In the main this is because the

<h1>Unitron To Introduce Smallest RIC Hearing Aid</h1>

Unitron To Introduce Smallest RIC Hearing Aid

Unitron has just announced the release of a brand new hearing aid called the Moxi™ Now, which just happens to be the world’s smallest wireless receiver-in-the-canal (RIC) hearing aid. Moxi Now is the latest addition to Unitron’s line up of RIC hearing devices and will soon be launched in the UK on the North Platform. Unitron is one of our main partners and we expect the Moxi Now to arrive soon, so we decided to have an early look at it. 

<h1>Ear Wax Removal For A Special Lady</h1>

Ear Wax Removal For A Special Lady

It is not often that we feel privileged to remove someone’s earwax, however, we have come across someone that special. We would like to introduce you to Miss Jade McGoldrick, that’s perhaps not a name you know, but you should. We at Clements Wax removing service take care of Jade’s ears. Jade is an effervescent, bright sixteen year old, and in conversation with her we have discovered a remarkable young lady.

Over One Thousand Ears Cleaned!

We were a little bit stunned recently to realise that we were about to undertake a thousandth and our thousand and first earwax removal. We could hardly believe it, we had to check it twice. Funnily enough, for a special occasion, we got a special duo, a father and son team! The Friels are long term customers of ours and we thought it fitting that they would be number one thousand and number one thousand and one. So Sean snr and Sean jnr came in

<h1>Hearing Aid, A hearing Solution</h1>

Hearing Aid, A hearing Solution

In our last article we spoke about how one of our customers was getting on using the Phonak Roger Pen system. We had combined the system with his Unitron hearing aids to deliver an all round solution for his unique lifestyle needs. He has got on exceptionally well, so we decided to talk a little more about the Phonak Roger Pen, what it is, what it does and how it works. If you click on the image of theRoger brochure, you can download a pdf

<h1>Glasgow ear cleaning and Angelo's ice cream</h1>

Glasgow ear cleaning and Angelo's ice cream

One of our old friends came to visit us the other day for earwax removal, Mary Trott has been one of our customers since 1997. So as you can imagine she is almost family. Mary is 94 and is now living in a nursing home and she is thriving on it. Because Mary now needs a wheelchair to get around, Christine, her daughter comes with her, although probably only to slow her down a bit. With an old friend like Mary, it is always a bit of an occasion so

<h1>Cleaning Out Earwax</h1>

Cleaning Out Earwax

Having earwax in your ear is both normal and healthy. In fact not having some earwax in your ear can lead to itchy and dry ear canals. Generally, our ear canals don't need any special attention, our ears take care of themselves ensuring the wax moves out of the ear on its own. It is when this normal process is interrupted that earwax can become a problem. For some people, the problem is that their body produces too much earwax. In both cases,

<h1>HyperSound Success Glasgow</h1>

HyperSound Success Glasgow

Our recently opened "Sound Lounge" certainly came into its own yesterday when we hosted our very first HyperSound live demonstration day. We were delighted to welcome Lindsey Neil of Hypersound as our visiting expert. Here she can be seen reaching out to and engaging with just two of the many loyal customers who had accepted the invitation to be among the first to experience the unique Television listening experience which Hypersound delivers.

<h1>Experience HyperSound At Our Open Day</h1>

Experience HyperSound At Our Open Day

To celebrate being the first in Scotland to be launching Hypersound CLEAR 500P, we will be hosting an open house demonstration day in our newly opened Sound Lounge. We will be demonstrating this amazing technology to all who attend. It delivers an outstanding listening experience for people who have problems with the TV whether they have hearing aids or not.  This amazing new technology can resolve your problems whether you are using a hearing

<h1>Latest Naida Launched By Phonak</h1>

Latest Naida Launched By Phonak

Phonak is renowned for hearing aid solutions for severe and profound hearing loss. Their latest addition to the Naida range continues and builds on that legacy. Phonak have just launched the latest addition to their now famous Naida range. First introduced in 2007, the range has gone through four updates. The new addition is based on their latest chipset, the Venture, and brings all of the benefits of that new platform to people with severe and

<h1>The Hearing Aid Guide You Need</h1>

The Hearing Aid Guide You Need

Trying to make decisions about hearing aids that it can be difficult thing. Directionality this, noise reduction that, wireless the other! It is a lot to take in, as a professional, it can be hard for us to keep up. Hearing aids are high technology devices, the growth and advancement of that technology is why hearing aids are a better option than ever. However, we understand that it might be difficult for you to understand that technology

<h1>Chemo & Hearing Loss, What's The Connection?</h1>

Chemo & Hearing Loss, What's The Connection?

Widex, one of the hearing aid manufacturers we are associated with, released a good article on the connection between chemotherapy and hearing loss. We thought it would be a good idea to speak about it and help raise some awareness and give some advice.  The most well known and recognisable side effects of chemo are hair loss, weight loss, and nausea. They are very visible side effects an immediately recognisable. However, there are hidden side

<h1>Eating Out With Hearing Loss</h1>

Eating Out With Hearing Loss

Restaurants can be very loud places and because of modern design sensibilities they just keep getting louder. Modern design trends ar for hard surfaces and minimalist design, so that means wooden floors not carpets, and very few other soft surfaces.  Soft surfaces like heavy curtains, tablecloths and carpets help to absorb sound and reduce reverberation, therefore soaking up some of the noise. On top of the lack of soft furnishings, restaurants

<h1>Think You Have Hearing Loss?</h1>

Think You Have Hearing Loss?

Hearing loss is a deceptive problem and because of that it takes the average person between five and seven years to go for a hearing test. While the person with hearing loss may be unsure, usually the warning signs of hearing loss are very clear to others. However, it isn't usually stubborness or denial that is the problem. That may not be the case at all,  it could be that the indicators of hearing loss are much more clear to others than they

<h1>Introducing HyperSound Clear To Glasgow</h1>

Introducing HyperSound Clear To Glasgow

At Clements Hearing Services  we are committed to bringing you the latest in hearing technology and we are really excited about a new product that we are introducing in Glasgow. Being able to hear and understand the television better is a top priority for many people. Turning the volume up does not always resolve the problem and is uncomfortable for others watching TV with you. In fact it is one of the prime reasons for arguments at home for

It was the annual week when we try to raise as much awareness of tinnitus as possible last week. The 2016 campaign is actually the 10th Anniversary of TAW which is run by the British Tinnitus Association and it is based around the theme of Prevention. The Plug’em Campaign is a new tinnitus prevention campaign being run by the British Tinnitus Association. The campaign is designed to raise awareness in younger people of the need to wear earplugs

<h1>Hearing Aids, Unitron North 800 Hearing Devices</h1>

Hearing Aids, Unitron North 800 Hearing Devices

Unitron are one of our favourite hearing aid manufacturers and are a stalwart of the hearing aids we provide in Glasgow. We talked last time about the Pro technology level of the North platform, this time we would like to focus on the 800 level.  The Unitron North 800 is the second to top technology level using the new North processor. It is still a high end hearing aid and it is well suited to people who need to hear in challenging

<h1>Hearing Aids Glasgow, Unitron Stride & Moxi Pro</h1>

Hearing Aids Glasgow, Unitron Stride & Moxi Pro

 The NEW platform from Unitron, North™, strives to bring you closer to natural hearing, and focuses on the understanding of conversations in a wide range of situations Unitron is one of our favourite hearing aid manufacturers. They supply excellent hearing devices packed with great features. Last year they launched the North™ platform, their latest sound processing platform, they have focused that platform and its features on distinguishing

Hearing Aids Glasgow, Resound LiNX2 5

We looked at the other two levels of technology in the Resound Made For iPhone range the LiNX2. As you may know by now, we are fans of the technology and we have had really fantastic results with it. In this post I want to look at the entry level devices in the range. Entry level is probably a misnomer, even though it is the lowest level of the iPhone range, it is still a well featured hearing aid. It is more than capable for some noisy

<h1>Hearing Aids - Linx2 7 Hearing Aid Range</h1>

Hearing Aids - Linx2 7 Hearing Aid Range

The LiNX2 7 is ReSound's new mid range Made For iPhone hearing aid family. As with other members of the Linx2 it uses the latest version of ReSound’s dual-core Coyote 4.5 processing chip . As we have said elsewhere, this allows Resound to use one processor on the chip to deal with the sound processing and the other to manage the entire wireless functionality. This gives the LiNX2 7 twice the processing power of the previous generation of chips.

<h1>Hearing Aid - Resound Linx<sup>2</sup> 9</h1>

Hearing Aid - Resound Linx2 9

The LiNX2 9 is the flagship or premium hearing aid of ReSound's Made for iPhone hearing aid range. It supersedes the original Linx 9 and is available in multiple styles and hearing aid types for the first time.  It uses the newest version of ReSound’s dual-core Coyote 4.5 processing chip. Dual core means that in essence there is two seperate processors in one chipset. The device uses one processor to deal with the sound processing and the other

<h1>Hearing Loss & Associated Medical Conditions</h1>

Hearing Loss & Associated Medical Conditions

Many medical conditions have what is called co-morbidities, it simply means that they are associated or connected to each other. Hearing loss is no different and a host of recent studies have found connections to a diverse list of conditions. Here is a list of some of the conditions that seem to be associated with hearing loss. New research presented in 2014 found that people with sleep apnea may have a greater risk of hearing loss. The question

<h1>The latest Resound hearing aids in Glasgow</h1>

The latest Resound hearing aids in Glasgow

ReSound is another renowned hearing aid manufacturer, they have pioneered innovative solutions for both adults and children who suffer from hearing loss. In the recent past they have also developed wireless accessory systems. ReSound have become to be viewed as one of the premium hearing aid manufacturers, they deliver strong innovation and design. With their recent introduction of the LiNX2™, Made For iPhone hearing aids, they have again

<h1>Widex Hearing Aids in Glasgow</h1>

Widex Hearing Aids in Glasgow

Widex are known as one of the best hearing aid manufacturers in the world. They are famous for doing everything their own way, which in fairness has lead them to making excellent hearing aids. Even the way their hearing aids process sound is quite unique. Which funnily enough is the name they have chosen for their latest hearing aids platform. So let's look at the latest Widex hearing aids and what they can do for you. 

We have already talked about wireless accessories from GN ReSound, however, it is worth having a deeper look at the Phone Clip+. The device deliver real benefits and offers greater versatility to people wearing GN ReSound hearing aids. GN ReSound says that the new phone clip gives you new levels of phone freedom, but it actually does so much more. That is why we really like it here at Clements Hearing Services. Lets look at what it can do for

<h1>Unitron Hearing Aids in Glasgow</h1>

Unitron Hearing Aids in Glasgow

Unitron has launched the new North™ platform, its newest sound processing platform that can distinguish between different types of conversation. North’s SoundNav™ technology automatically identifies and classifies seven distinct sound environments. Four of them are focused specifically on conversation. If you have any questions or would like to know more, call us on 0141 954 6030 or book an appointment online now!

<h1>The Latest Phonak Hearing Aids in Glasgow</h1>

The Latest Phonak Hearing Aids in Glasgow

Phonak is one of the biggest hearing aid manufacturers in the United Kingdom. They are probably the biggest supplier of hearing aids to the Independent hearing healthcare market in the UK. They are famous for high quality and high reliability in their hearing devices.  As an Independent hearing aid centre we are happy to offer Phonak hearing aids in Glasgow. They are fantastic devices and we always get great results. So we were exceedingly happy

<h1>New Line of Resound Wireless Hearing Aids</h1>

New Line of Resound Wireless Hearing Aids

ReSound EnyaTM delivers the excellent sound quality and speech understanding that we have come to expect from GN ReSound in discreet, durable designs. It's their new  wireless hearing aid range and  you can stream your favourite sounds directly to your hearing aids with their excellent 2.4 GHz wireless accessories. You can also have deeper control of your hearing aids with the Resound ControlTM app. We will be introducing them to our line up of

<h1>Choosing The Right Hearing Aid in Glasgow</h1>

Choosing The Right Hearing Aid in Glasgow

The hearing aid test that we perform in Glasgow is made up of many different tests that are designed to give us a clear picture of your hearing loss. Assessing your hearing loss correctly is critically important, however, it is not the only factor in selecting the hearing aids that are right for you.   On of our main concerns is helping our customers stay active and engaged in their life, allowing them to enjoy their life as much as

We have seen huge change in the hearing aid industry over the last few years. The technology is amazing and just seems to get closer to perfection every year. One of the things that has really taken off in the last five years is wireless accessories for hearing aids. We think that the wireless accessories for modern hearing aids are outstanding and they deliver real benefit to users. Each of the hearing aid manufacturers has introduced their own

<h1>Hearing Aids in Glasgow, Here is What You Need To Know</h1>

Hearing Aids in Glasgow, Here is What You Need To Know

We are committed to providing the best hearing aids and hearing care service in Glasgow. That is why we supply digital hearing aids from only the best hearing aid manufacturers in the world. We back up those hearing aids with committed and continuous after care service. We only use the best and most modern hearing aids available to us, from world leading  hearing aid manufacturers. This allows us to be confident in the products that we supply to

<h1>Hearing Aids & Smart Apps</h1>

Hearing Aids & Smart Apps

More and more hearing aid manufacturers are designing their hearing aids to be connected to, and controlled by, smartphone apps. This isn't just a fashion statement, the combination delivers real power to you for better hearing in your life.  The apps allow you to make customised changes to your hearing aids in all of the situations you find yourself in to allow you to optimise the hearing aids for the best possible hearing. At Clements Hearing

<h1>Microsuction Earwax Removal in Glasgow</h1>

Microsuction Earwax Removal in Glasgow

We came across a Paper published in the British Medical Journal that said that there were significant problems regularly associated with ear syringing. The problems were a complete failure to remove wax (29%), otitis media (ear infection) (17%), perforation of the ear drum (15%), and trauma to the external ear canal (11%). Funnily enough, it was actually a Scottish study, it was undertaken as a postal survey of 312 practising G.P.s in the

<h1>Made For iPhone Hearing Aids in Glasgow</h1>

Made For iPhone Hearing Aids in Glasgow

GN ReSound were the first to market with the Made For iPhone hearing aids just over a year and a half ago. they didn't rest on their  laurels though. They have recently introduced the new upgraded Made For iPhone range of hearing aids. They expanded the range and the form factors. Now there pretty much is a Made For iPhone digital hearing aid that suits everyone's taste. Recently Dr Phil Radcliffe gave us a testimonial that was all about his

<h1>Microsuction Update</h1>

Microsuction Update

It is just over a year since we opened our primary ear care clinic and we are delighted to report that it has been a great success. The growing number of users of this service all attest to its excellence in that relief from the symptoms of earwax blockage is immediate following microsuction which they find is a safe and comfortable ear cleaning procedure. We now have a considerable body of evidence to support the findings of a study carried out

<h1>Healthy ears and flying</h1>

Healthy ears and flying

Not much summer so far this year in Glasgow so many of us will jet off to sunnier climes – if we have not done so already. At this time I get asked a lot of questions about ears, hearing aids, earwax and flying so I thought a short Q & A might be useful. Q. Can I use my hearing aid while flying? A. The short answer is yes. On probing further I have found that people have three main concerns: 1. That the hearing aids will set off the alarm when

<h1>The truth about untreated hearing loss.</h1>

The truth about untreated hearing loss.

Many of us are suffering from untreated hearing loss. You should contact a hearing professional as soon as possible if you have experienced any of these signs or symptoms. You have difficulty understanding group conversations. Others have to loudly repeat what they say to you. Family or friends complain about the volume at which you watch TV or listen to the radio. Family members argue with you about your possible hearing loss.

<h1>Now you can control your hearing aids from your apple watch</h1>

Now you can control your hearing aids from your apple watch

We are delighted to announce our launch of the latest in hearing aid technology with instruments that can be controlled by the new Apple Watch. The aids are manufactured by ReSound, which has developed the first app that allows hearing aid wearers to control their instrument from their new Apple Watch. This is the latest in Smart Hearing, with the most discrete control available anywhere. This free app allows control of volume, treble and bass

<h1>The extra things we do in pursuit of better hearing for you.</h1>

The extra things we do in pursuit of better hearing for you.

Last week I blogged that my use of speech in noise tests as a routine part of my testing protocol better assures me that I am delivering what the client actually came to see me for in the first place. This week I would like to spend some time explaining what I think that is and therefore what we offer. If you buy a power drill you really want holes,not a drill. So the same would follow with a pair of hearing aids. What you want is the better

<h1>Why I now swear by speech in noise tests</h1>

Why I now swear by speech in noise tests

Why I think my Otosphere hearing assessment system is wonderful? Many reasons and I want to explore one of the main ones here: It allows me to routinely perform two tests which greatly enhance my ability to identify a lot more than a pure tone audiogram will tell me thereby allowing me to be more accurate and objective about the level of technology I should be recommending to a hearing impaired patient.

<h1>Sound Affects</h1>

Sound Affects

I had the pleasure of hearing Julian Treasure speak at the BSHAA Congress last week. He's one of the most successful speakers on TED.com - his talk "How to speak so that people want to listen" has achieved more than five million views and is in the top 50 TED Talks of all time. His presentation "Sound Affects" - made without refernce to notes - was impressive and very thought-provoking. He discussed how the hidden effects of sound and noise

<h1>Which hearing aid is right for me?</h1>

Which hearing aid is right for me?

Modern hearing aids are highly sophisticated and elegant devices which can be chosen and recommended to match your hearing needs, your lifestyle, your cosmetic preferences and your pocket. Recent innovations have seen increasing miniaturisation and the advent of wireless hearing aids which can communicate with telephones, televisions and computers. Here we explain the different types of hearing aid on the market:

<h1>Earwax update - to olive oil or not?</h1>

Earwax update - to olive oil or not?

Considering the marked growth in the earcare division of the practice, we read with great interest a recently published study by Dr Rosemary Rodgers: "Does olive oil prevent earwax build-up? An experimental study". The subject is doubly interesting because it comes at a time when the repeated and sometimes prolonged insertion of olive oil drops in a waxy ear canal is beoming the recommendation of choice of a growing number of our local GPs.

<h1>10 questions people ask us about hearing loss</h1>

10 questions people ask us about hearing loss

There are many explanations for hearing loss, from a simple blockage or infection in the ear canal right through to cochlear hair cell damage. It could be easily fixed with medication or the removal of excessive earwax. It could also be age-related. The important thing is that you see your GP or hearing care professional to have a proper examination. 2 What difference will a hearing aid make? You will be astonished at the difference a hearing

<h1>How do you know if you have Tinnitus?</h1>

How do you know if you have Tinnitus?

We may pierce it, bend it or complain about the size of it - but the ear is a truly wonderful organ. Normally it brings us positive things. Those sighing sounds that babies make when they're content; your favourite bit in 'your' song; or the calm and relaxation that comes from background music. Sometimes you're not even aware of sounds and noises, they are simply sonic wallpaper in your busy life.