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10 questions people ask us about hearing loss

1 Why am I losing my hearing?

There are many explanations for hearing loss, from a simple blockage or infection in the ear canal right through to cochlear hair cell damage. It could be easily fixed with medication or the removal of excessive earwax. It could also be age-related. The important thing is that you see your GP or hearing care professional to have a proper examination.

2 What difference will a hearing aid make?

You will be astonished at the difference a hearing aid will make! Obviously the first thing you'll notice is clearer hearing, but you will also notice your relationships improve thanks to better communication; you'll feel healthier generally; you'll feel more in control of your life events and you'll feel more emotionally stable.

3 How much do they cost?

The cost of hearing aids varies according to an individual's needs, but start around 700 pounds.

4 Will it be obvious I'm wearing a hearing aid?

Not necessarily. If you're concerned about the visual impact of a hearing aid you can choose any number of discreet models that fit inside your ear or sit behind your ear. Technology is advancing at a breakneck speed - you'll be amazed what's possible now.

5 Will it hurt?

No. Nothing should hurt during your hearing test or fitting - if it does, you may have an infection or medical condition in which case we would always refer you to a GP.

6 Will having a hearing aid limit me in anyway?

No - there are even waterproof hearing aids if you like to swim! We specialize in matching hearing aids to your lifestyle, so whether you live a quiet life or a frenetic one, your hearing aid should only enhance it.

7 Will I see any other benefits?

Yes - our customers report a range of often unexpected benefits, from feeling closer to their family to feeling more in control of their own life. Often hearing loss can leave people feeling isolated, so customers say they feel a renewed vigour for life when they have hearing aids fitted. This brings huge benefits in relationships, in general health and in emotional stability.

8 What will people think?

What are you worried they will think? Would you rather continue struggling so that they don't think anything at all? In reality people will probably think how much happier you are and how much easier you communicate. They will probably think how amazing it is that they can't even notice your hearing aid. They might even think they should get their own hearing tested...

9 Are hearing aids difficult to look after?

Not at all. We suggest you hang on to your instruction booklet for reference and just take simple steps like switching them off at the end of the day, keeping them in their case and washing the ear mould - if you have one - once a week. We would supply you with any tools you might need to deal with regular maintenance.

10 How long do hearing aids last?

If you take the simple steps to look after your hearing aids they should last for years. You will probably want to look at the new technology available every five or six years, as it is moving at great speed. You will be astonished at what improvements are possible and affordable.