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The truth about untreated hearing loss.

Many of us are suffering from untreated hearing loss. You should contact a hearing professional as soon as possible if you have experienced any of these signs or symptoms.

    • You have difficulty understanding group conversations.

    • Others have to loudly repeat what they say to you.

    • Family or friends complain about the volume at which you watch TV or listen to the radio.

    • Family members argue with you about your possible hearing loss.

    • You avoid social activities because you worry about being able to hear other people.

    • Soft speech or whispering is difficult to hear.

    • You hear, but do not always understand, what other people say.

    • People seem to mumble or speak too softly to you.

    • You find you hear better when you can see a the face of the person you are listening to.

Before fitting you with hearing aids, or determining whether you need them at all, hearing professionals must determine the type and severity of your hearing loss. You can read more about this here.

Why early treatment is critical

Hearing loss severity greatly affects the helpfulness of hearing aids. The more hearing loss you have, the less effective hearing aids will be, because they cannot completely restore hearing that is already gone. Hearing is not a fine bottle of wine and does not get better with age. The average person waits 7 to 10 years to seek help for hearing loss. By then, treatment options often are limited. Left untreated, hearing loss can impair the ability ogf your brain to recognize and process sound, which decreases your mental sharpness and ability to communicate. Your brain is a vital organ that has connections which can deteriorate over time if they go unused. Hearing loss is a cause of this deterioration as sounds that were heard before are now of no use to the brain.

More and more studies have been done to determine the particular effects hearing loss has on other body systems. Researchers have determined that untreated hearing loss is linked to depression, dementia, increased risk of hospitalization, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and stroke. The experts believe that when the ears are not working as well as they should the brain has to redirect resources to process sound, which causes other areas of the brain to be deprived.

How we can help?

The first thing we would do is to find out by a pure tone test if there is an aidable hearing loss or not. If not we send you on your way and charge you nothing.

If there is a significant loss we dig a bit deeper by taking a full hearing history and a further series of pure tone and speech tests to identify and recommend the best hearing aid solution for you. You can read more about this here.

Up to this point you still pay nothing.

To take advantage of this incredible service call 0141 954 6030 now for your appointment. You will be glad you did.