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Microsuction Update

It is just over a year since we opened our primary ear care clinic and we are delighted to report that it has been a great success.

The growing number of users of this service all attest to its excellence in that relief from the symptoms of earwax blockage is immediate following microsuction which they find is a safe and comfortable ear cleaning procedure.

We now have a considerable body of evidence to support the findings of a study carried out some years ago by Dr Rosemary Rodgers wherein she found that the repeated insertion of olive oil in the ear canal increased rather that decreased the wax content in the ear.

We have now treated hundreds of people who come to us having used drops for an extended period to no avail.

Our advice is as follows:

  • If you feel your ears are blocked have them checked by an ear care professional.
  • Do not under any circumstances try to remove it yourself. Cotton buds only push it in further.
  • Oily drops can be used for a few days before a cleaning procedure is carried out. (We recommend Earol spray because it is easy to apply) Even if you haven't applied drops we can still carry out microsuction earwax removal and will use olive oil spray or bicarbonate of soda drops on the day.
  • Wax build up is likely to recur and we therefore, offer service users a wax management plan which brings them in every 6 months for a check up. (No wax no fee)

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