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Now you can control your hearing aids from your apple watch

We are delighted to announce our launch of the latest in hearing aid technology with instruments that can be controlled by the new Apple Watch.

The aids are manufactured by ReSound, which has developed the first app that allows hearing aid wearers to control their instrument from their new Apple Watch. This is the latest in Smart Hearing, with the most discrete control available anywhere.

This free app allows control of volume, treble and bass levels, pre-programmed settings for different places (local restaurant, cafe, sports stadium, office, home) and view of the setting selected, right from their wrist. The app is called ReSound Smart and is available now from the App Store.

This development in hearing aid technology, connectivity and control follows swiftly on from the launch last year by ReSound of the global first made for iPhone hearing aid,ReSound LiNX. Dr Phil Radcliffe has recently given a video review of the Linx Made For iPhone hearing aids. 

Very recently hearing aids have come right up to date by connecting with some of the latest mobile technology. We prescribe ReSound LiNX aids that were the first in the world made for iPhone instruments on the market. Now with this free app you can also control them via the Apple Watch.

ReSound calls this combination of audiology, connectivity, design and apps Smart Hearing. It delivers hearing aid wearers the most advanced and natural hearing experience.

Our clients can get immediate access to the ReSound Smart app for Apple Watch by visiting the App Store and downloading the latest version of the ReSound Smart app (3.0.1).For more information about the ReSound smart hearing aids please pop in or give us a call on 0141 954 6030