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Glasgow ear cleaning and Angelo's ice cream

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The case of an old friend, earwax removal and a celebratory ice cream

Earwax removal with a smileOne of our old friends came to visit us the other day for earwax removal, Mary Trott has been one of our customers since 1997. So as you can imagine she is almost family. Mary is 94 and is now living in a nursing home and she is thriving on it. Because Mary now needs a wheelchair to get around, Christine, her daughter comes with her, although probably only to slow her down a bit.

An occasion

With an old friend like Mary, it is always a bit of an occasion so as you can imagine there were tea and biscuits to be had and a chat. Mary needed some earwax removed so while Val, Mary and Christine chatted I set up the room. We have our own reclining medical couch for people to lie on when performing ear cleaning. It allows us to easily move them into the right position and height for earwax removal and it's the safest way of doing it .

Because Mary is wheelchair bound I decided to move the couch out of the way so that she could sit comfortably in her chair while I removed the earwax using microsuction. It was easier for Mary and we like things to be easy for our customers. As I thought, Mary liked the idea and we had the earwax out quick sharp. We found a little problem with one of her hearing aids so it had to go for repair, but Christine told us she still had her old ones and she could use it as a spare.

A well deserved ice cream treat

Angelo's ice cream

Christine and Mary went next door to Angelo's for an ice cream. Angelo's ice cream is famous, made to his grandmother's recipe. They said they couldn't turn down an opportunity like that! Unfortunately, we got none, ah well maybe next time.

We were just thinking, many of our customers have been customers of ours for many years. We like people, we like a chat and we like to look after people. We do it because that is really who we are, our job allows us to do it every day which ensures that we never think of it as work. Maybe that is why they stay, we should really ask them.

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