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Hearing Aids in Glasgow

Phonak hearing aids GlasgowToday's hearing aids are highly sophisticated and elegant devices which can be chosen and recommended to match your hearing needs, your lifestyle, your cosmetic preferences and your pocket. Recent innovations have seen increasing miniaturisation and the advent of wireless hearing aids which can communicate with telephones, televisions and computers have really expanded the ability to re-connect with your world.

Choosing the right hearing aid for yourself can be a complex procedure. This is where you can draw on our expertise confident in the knowledge that over a twenty year period Greg has been guiding people to the right choice for their individual hearing needs. 

Independent Hearing Aid Centre

As an Independent hearing aid centre we can offer you hearing solutions from all of the hearing aid manufacturers. As an Independent, we have no contractual agreements with any manufacturer which allows us complete freedom to deliver what we feel is best for you. Our Independence simply means that you will get the best hearing aid for you and your hearing needs. 

The Most Modern Hearing Aids

We only offer the most modern hearing aids from the very best manufacturers, because we know that is what is best for you. We have found that what is best for you, is always best for us. That's why many of our customers come from word of mouth referrals. Happy customers lead to a happy business. 

Hearing Aid Manufacturers We Use in Glasgow

Unitron Hearing Aids

Unitron hearing aids GlasgowUnitron is an innovative Canadian Manufacturer owned by Sonova, the same company who owns the Phonak brand among others. Unitron hearing aids are considered to be a lower cost alternative to Phonak. The technologies used by the two companies are similar but not entirely the same. Unitron products represent excellent value for money and superb sound quality.

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Phonak Hearing Aids

Phonak hearing aids GlasgowPhonak is one of the recognised leading manufacturers of hearing aids in the world. Phonak rank within the top 3 hearing aid manufacturers in the world and their products are often favoured by audiologists. Their technology is arguably the best in the world and their product design is innovative. They deliver high quality hearing aids that deliver excellent sound. Their reliability is second to none.

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GN ReSound Hearing Aids

Resound hearing aids GlasgowResound are the company that brought Made For iPhone hearing aids to the world. They are a Danish company and are part of the Great Nordic group. ReSound has been responsible for a number of hearing industry firsts, Wide Dynamic Range Compression broke new ground for sound processing and they were also responsible for the introduction of the first ever open fit hearing aid. Recently they delivered another first by introducing Made For iPhone hearing aids to the market.

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Widex Hearing Aids

Widex hearing aids GlasgowWidex is renowned for design and innovation in a quality product. Widex combine years of understanding with curiosity in finding solutions to individual hearing loss. Their uncompromising approach to innovation has led to such advances as the world’s first fully digital in-the-ear hearing aid, as well as their own revolutionary wireless technology. They are recognised as one of the best hearing aid manufacturers in the world. 

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Starkey Hearing Aids

Starkey hearing aids GlasgowStarkey, design and innovation in a quality product. Starkey rely on evidence-based design and only update products when they feel a new technology or feature can make a measurable difference. If it doesn't improve the hearing experience, they don't do it. They benchmark claims and product research, thoroughly testing their products internally and externally.


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