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Wireless TV Streamer from GN ReSound

Wireless Hearing Aid Accessories

We have seen huge change in the hearing aid industry over the last few years. The technology is amazing and just seems to get closer to perfection every year. One of the things that has really taken off in the last five years is wireless accessories for hearing aids.

We think that the wireless accessories for modern hearing aids are outstanding and they deliver real benefit to users. Each of the hearing aid manufacturers has introduced their own range of wireless accessories. In essence they all work in a similar manner allowing you to communicate with ease and clearly hear the TV and music you enjoy. We are that impressed with the different devices we have become advocates for them at our hearing aid centre in Glasgow.

GN ReSound Hearing Aids Glasgow

GN ReSound are an outstanding hearing aid manufacturer and we have had some great success with their most recent products, that's why we offer their hearing aids in Glasgow. We have spoken on these pages before about their hearing aids, let's take a look at the wireless accessory range from Resound and what they can offer you. 

The Phone Clip+

ReSound Unite Phone Clip+The Phone Clip+ streams both crystal clear phone calls  and stereo quality music from your mobile straight to your hearing aids. It allows you to enjoy comfortable phone conversations, even in noisy places. As we said, you can also use your Phone Clip+ to stream music from your phone, or other Bluetooth™-enabled device directly to your hearing aids.

The Phone Clip+ will also deliver full headset functionality, allowing last number redial and voice dialling if it is supported by your phone. The Phone Clip+ can also work as a hearing aid remote control which really makes it multifunctional. There is also a pretty cool mute feature that allows you to turn off the hearing aid microphones if the background noise is too much when you are on the phone.

This allows you to block out the surrounding noise, making it easier to focus on your call. The Phone Clip+ allows you to stay connected to two BluetoothTM devices at the same time and you can switch between them.

It will connect to any BluetoothTM enabled device. So, if you buy a BluetoothTM enabled home phone, or television, you can connect to them as well as your mobile. The device is really versatile and offers some great functionality. 

The Unite Remote Control 2

GN ReoSound Remote Control 2Remote controls for hearing aids are not for everyone. Some people really like them, others don't. ReSound have updated their remote control but they have kept the in-depth functionality they offer.

Using the buttons on your hearing aids to change programmes or the volume can be irritating for some. Not just that, as hearing aids have got smaller and more discreet, so have the buttons. In fact the smallest hearing aids often have no buttons at all. Being able to change programmes and volume can really deliver a better hearing experience for you.

ReSound have made the buttons on the remote control large, easy to see and use. It will allow you full access to the full power of your hearing aids allowing you to change programmes and volume among many other functions with ease.

The visible display screen also allows you to see visual prompts letting you understand exactly what is going on with your hearing aids at a glance. It is also small enough to be kept in your pocket or purse with ease.

The Unite TV Streamer 2

GN ReSound Unite TV Streamer 2Even with hearing aids it can be difficult to understand the dialogue on the TV. The reasons for that are many including strange accents, bad sound etc. The Unite TV Streamer removes this problem by streaming the audio of the directly to your hearing aids. You can set the volume to what you want independently of the volume that everyone else is listening at.

You can even mute your TV and still hear the audio at the volume you wish without bothering anyone else. The TV Streamer 2 is compatible with all TV models whether they are the old boxes or modern flat screens. You can even use it to stream audio from your stereo system or music player. It is also really easy to set up and use. 

The Unite Mini Mic

GN ReSound Unite Mini MicThe Mini MIcrophone from GN ReSound is an excellent dual purpose device. It can be used in noisy environments to help your speech understanding. It can also be used at lectures or similar types of events so that you can hear the speaker clearly. Simply ask the speaker you wish to hear, to wear the Mini Microphone, or place it close to the speakers from the audio system.

Once you are sitting within 7 metres of the device you will be able to hear the speaker clearly. This device is really excellent, it can be used in the car, in noisy restaurants, in fact anywhere you struggle to hear clearly. It is as simple as giving the person you want to hear the Mini Mic. It will also allow you to listen to music or any audio output.  Just plug the Mini Microphone into an MP4 player, or your TV or stereo and stream your music directly to your hearing aids.

GN ReSound have really thought about functionality and versatility for these devices. They really help to deliver better hearing. 

If you have any questions or would like to know more about wireless hearing aid accessories in Glasgow, call us on 0141 954 6030 or book an appointment online now!

If you have any questions, or you would like to find out about your hearing, please call us on 0141 954 6030 or book an appointment online now!

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