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 The NEW platform from Unitron, North™, strives to bring you closer to natural hearing, and focuses on the understanding of conversations in a wide range of situations

Unitron North Platform

Unitron is one of our favourite hearing aid manufacturers. They supply excellent hearing devices packed with great features. Last year they launched the North™ platform, their latest sound processing platform, they have focused that platform and its features on distinguishing between different types of conversation. Unitron's new SoundNav™ technology, automatically identifies and classifies seven distinct sound environments. Four of them are focused specifically on conversation in different situations.

We have had great success with Unitron hearing aids and the customers who wear them really love them. The new range is truly outstanding and the Log It All feature really helps us to give a better hearing aid fit. In this article we would like to talk about the Pro level of technology which is their flagship range. 

Unitron North Pro

The Unitron North Pro is the flagship technology using the new "North" processor. As the flagship hearing aid from Unitron it is ideally suited to people who need to hear as well as possible in even the most challenging environments. The pro level of technology is available in both Moxi RIC (Receiver in Canal) devices and traditional BTE (Behind The Ear) and Custom devices (ITE) they have called Stride. 

Unitron North feature set

Clear Conversation in Every Situation

Unitron know that conversations don’t just occur in quiet situations nor in just simple noise. The problem with background noise is that it varies greatly depending on the situation. The features in the new hearing aids work together so that you can experience the best speech understanding combined with natural sound quality, in the widest variety of situations, completely automatically.

Log It All

Unitron have also introduced Log It All™, an industry first data logging feature that captures and displays a your real life experiences with your hearing instruments across seven differing environments regardless of the technology level of the hearing aid.

This gives us the ability to measure the performance of your hearing instruments in everyday use, as well as during any trial or upgrade situations. It helps us explain the benefits of different technology levels in a personal way. Most importantly, it allows us to deliver fine tuning of the hearing aids for you in a more focused way.   

Unitron Stride Pro, A Hearing Device To Suit Every Taste

The new Stride family of behind-the-ear (BTE) and in-the-ear (ITE) styles has style choices to satisfy every need, and features that let you focus on conversations like never before. Stride is the name of the new full range family of hearing aids from Unitron, the family has a full range of Behind The Ear (BTE) and In The Ear hearing (ITE) aid styles. 

Stride P hearing aid Stride P Dura hearing aid

The technology in the Stride family is based on the new North platform, Unitron haven't settled on just introducing a new platform. New advances in custom hearing aid design has allowed them to introduce even smaller custom hearing aids that are packed with more features.  So let's look at the top end of hearing aid technology available from Unitron. 

Unitron Stride custom hearing aids

Unitron Stride & Moxi Dura/Fit/Kiss Hearing Aids

New Hearing Instrument Design

Unitron Mox-fit hearing aidAlong with the launch of the North platform, Unitron also introduced a new geneneration of its popular receiver-in-canal (RIC) Moxi™ hearing instruments. The all-new Moxi Fit™ has a fluid new look, giving users the perfect combination of style and functionality with a 312 battery, push button and telecoil.  Moxi Fit joins Moxi Kiss™ and Moxi Dura™, all available in five technology levels and all built on the North platform.

The new Moxi hearing instruments on the North platform are fully integrated with Unitron’s industry-leading Flex:trial™ program, which allows us to demonstrate to patients exactly what they are interested in buying.

As we said, the Moxi RIC hearing aids comes in three distinct styles.

  • Moxi Fit The "Fit" is only slightly larger than the Kiss, it includes both a push button and onboard telecoil which isn't often available on smaller RIC aids. 
  • Moxi Kiss The "Kiss" is the slimmest and most discrete of the RIC options from UNitron, it is an exceptionally discreet option if you are not interested in the extra features which add size to the Moxi Fit and Moxi Dura.
  • Moxi Dura The "Dura" is the most powerful of the three RIC devices available,  it is slightly larger to provide the amplification needed. If you are looking for a discreet Moxi solution but have a severe to profound hearing loss then this is the device for you.

The Stride hearing aids come in two BTE versions, and six custom ITE hearing aid types. 

  • Stride P The new wireless 13 battery BTE pairs stylish design with dual controls
  • Stride Dura moisture resistance and durability, without sacrificing style
  • Stride Full shell The largest of the custom devices with dual microphones
  • Stride Canal/Half Shell Half Canal hearing device with dual microphones
  • Stride Mini Canal Directional  Discreet custom device with dual microphones
  • Stride Mini Canal Discreet device but with only one microphone
  • Stride CIC  Discreet wireless hearing aid device
  • Stride IIC The smallest hearing aid device available, truly invisible but with no wireless hardware.


Main Features

Soundnav With 7 Different Environments

The North chip can tell what type of environment you are currently in and it will decide what settings to use depending on what it finds. 

Sound situations in the North Platform

There are seven separate environmental types and the aids will adjust themselves automatically as you go along. The main focus will always be on speech sounds. These environments are;

  • Conversations in quiet
  • Conversations in a small group
  • Conversations in a crowd
  • Conversations in noise
  • General noise without speech present
  • Quiet
  • Music

Speechzone 2 with Binaural spatial processing

When you are in a social environment with background noise present, the hearing aids work together and figure out what where the speech is coming from and they then automatically focus your hearing in that direction. This feature really delivers in those noisy environments. 

Multiband adaptive directionality

This tracks and suppresses unwanted background noises from varying directions. Again this feature really helps understanding in those noisier environments.

Pinna effect

The Pinna is the outside part of your ear and it helps you to hear better. The hearing aid sits slightly behind the ear which interferes with that natural sense of hearing. Unitron use the Pinna effect technology to recreate the natural effects of sounds being collected by the shape of your ear to counteract this.

Sound Conductor

Sound Conductor is a speech clarifying feature that aims to make speech sounds always as clear as possible but without compromising on sound quality so that they are kept as natural as possible. It automatically makes adjustments for understanding speech during conversations, providing comfort and awareness in quiet and noisy environments all while maintaining natural sound quality

Multiband adaptive directional microphone

Improves speech understanding in noise by focusing on sounds in front of you and tracking and suppressing multiple background noise sources.


The hearing aid acts immediately if it detects a loud or jarring sound to reduce it to a comfortable level.

Binaural Phone

When you answer the phone, the hearing aid streams the sound to both ears without the use of an extra accessory so you can hear the conversation in stereo.

Water Resistant

Water and dust resistant to IP57 standards or better. Absolutely not waterproof,

Other features

The North platform includes a range of other features including Log it all, Binaural MyMusic,  Natural sound balance, datalogging, Feedback manager, Windcontrol, Tinnitus masker, Easy-t, Duo-link, Flex system and Frequency Compression. In an effort not to bore you to tears we will leave it there, we have been fitting these devices for some time now and we are really impressed with the results. If you have any questions, if you are interested in them or you would like to find out more about how they can make your life better, or if you have any questions about hearing loss, hearing healthcare or hearing aids in Glasgow, give us a call on 0141 954 6030 or book your appointment online now

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