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Phonak Roger Pens


Phonak Roger Pen

The Phonak Roger Pen

Roger BrochureIn our last article we spoke about how one of our customers was getting on using the Phonak Roger Pen system. We had combined the system with his Unitron hearing aids to deliver an all round solution for his unique lifestyle needs. He has got on exceptionally well, so we decided to talk a little more about the Phonak Roger Pen, what it is, what it does and how it works. If you click on the image of theRoger brochure, you can download a pdf version of it. 

The Roger Pen is an advanced wireless microphone for those affected by hearing loss. Phonak have designed it to be both functional and inconspicuous. Modern hearing aids really do a great job of helping people hear friends and loved ones. But when users are in a noisy place, on the phone or watching TV, hearing well can sometimes still be a little difficult. That’s where products like the Roger Pen come in. 

Helping You in Difficult Situations

The device is a fully automated solution and has been proven to perform better than any wireless microphone available in the hearing industry. They have been designed to be used as a standalone remote microphone or alongside other Roger Pens, Roger EasyPens or the Roger Clip-On Mic. It also features Bluetooth connection for mobile phone calling, and can also be used to listen to TV and any multimedia source. The device can help you hear and understand better in a lot of situations like:

  • Noisy restaurants and cafés
  • Loud bars
  • Family gatherings
  • One-on-one conversations
  • Mobile phone calls
  • Watching TV
  • In the car
  • Listening to music
  • Online video calls
  • Lectures, meetings and presentations featuring one or more speakers


In short, the device will help you to hear and understand more speech in loud noise and over distance. While the device is made by Phonak, it is actually designed to be used with all hearing aids whether they are Phonak manufactured or not. 


How is it used

The device is both a microphone and transmitter, the final piece of the system ia a Roger receiver. The Roger range including the pens and the remote mic can be used with three different receiver choices. With Phonak products, you have the option of integrated receivers at ear level. These are small add on devices which attach on the very edge of the hearing instruments. It is, essentially, a new battery door for the Phonak hearing aids.

These integrated receivers work for any Phonak BTE (Behind The Ear) product that has a size 13 or 675 battery. You cannot use an integrated ear-level receiver with a device that uses a 312 battery, a custom product, or with a non-Phonak hearing aid.

Roger microphones &  receivers

Using it With Non Phonak Hearing Aids

When using Roger devices with hearing aids from other manufacturers you will need to use one of two types of receivers, the Roger X or a Roger MyLink. The Roger X is a universal mini receiver which can be used with an audio shoe or audio boot that can be plugged into any other hearing aid manufacturers’ device. It can also be used with any other manufacturers streaming devices that have a port for an FM receiver. 

The universal Roger MyLink will work with any hearing aid with a T-coil or with a cochlear implant once it has a T-coil. Phonak say that reports from the field indicate that the Roger x at or the ear level receivers are the best option for quality.

Using the Roger System With Custom or 312 Phonak Hearing Aids

If you have a custom or 312 battery Phonak hearing aid you can use the Roger X mini receiver which can be plugged into a Phonak ComPilot, which you see above.  

What Difference Can it Make?

Hearing aids are an aid to hearing, they do not replace your normal hearing. While modern hearing aids are far advanced than their older predecessors some people still struggle even with the very best. Devices like the Roger Pen make a huge difference. Not just that, top of the range hearing aids are expensive and because of budget constraints sometimes a person can not purchase the level of technology they need or would like to.

When you pair the Roger Pen with a lower level of hearing aid technology, they can deliver exceptional results. In essence devices like the Roger Pen combined with lower level hearing aid technology are a cheaper option and can help to deliver high quality hearing in the situations that you need.

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