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Cleaning Out Earwax

Earwax Removal Glasgow

Earwax is normal, too much is a problem!

Having earwax in your ear is both normal and healthy. In fact not having some earwax in your ear can lead to itchy and dry ear canals. Generally, our ear canals don't need any special attention, our ears take care of themselves ensuring the wax moves out of the ear on its own.

Interrupted process

It is when this normal process is interrupted that earwax can become a problem. For some people, the problem is that their body produces too much earwax. In both cases, you end up with an earwax buildup that can block the ear canal. That blockage acts as a dam, the earwax continues to be made by the body and justs backs up behind the blockage. Over time, this buildup will become uncomfortable and possibly even interfere with your ability to hear.

What are the symptoms?

Sometimes your ears can be quite packed but you have no sense of it. Generally, though the buildup will reach a point where you might get a feeling of fullness in your ears. In some cases, people can experience pain, loss of hearing and tinnitus. 

Probably time for a professional

If you have reached this stage, it is probably time for professional ear cleaning. A buildup of earwax that causes these symptoms is probably too much to be removed with any of the home kits. Generally, the home kits are really only much use for maintenance or management of earwax for people who produce too much. By the time a blockage has become large enough to give symptoms the kits will probably be ineffectual.

Earwax Removal Services

Getting your ears cleaned in an NHS surgery has become difficult, many of the surgeries no longer offer the service. That is why we introduced our earwax removal services in Glasgow. We offer two separate methods of ear cleaning in our Glasgow hearing center. Both of which are safe, comfortable, reliable and quick. Let's take a look at the methods.

Microsuction earwax removal

Ear cleaning by micro suction is a very popular method with our customers. It is exceptionally safe, comfortable and quick. We remove the ear wax with a special suction tube while viewing what we are doing via microscope. Hence the name Micro-suction.

Earwax removal by irrigation

Irrigation ear cleaning is again a safe method of ear wax removal, unlike ear syringing, irrigation is done with a special water spray tool and machine. The water is sprayed towards the top of the ear canal and it makes its way towards the ear drum. It then drains out along the bottom of the ear canal bringing any wax and debris with it.

Most people find it comfortable, some people don't, either way, this procedure normally takes a bit more time than the microsuction method. That's why it is a less popular ear cleaning method with our customers.

Doing it at home 

As I said, there are kits that can be bought on the internet for earwax removal. They are normally made up of some sort of a solution and a syringe or squeeze bulb to introduce it into the ear canal. If your ears are blocked enough to be causing you problems, these kits probably are not going to do the job for you. If you do decide to try out these kits, be careful! 

Burst eardrum is impressively painful!

These kits are generally great for maintenance or preventing a build up if used regularly. If you are going to use them, be careful, when introducing the solution into your ear canal, do it gently. If you do it too forcefully there is a chance that you can rupture (burst) your ear drum. Believe me, you will regret it if you do, the pain of a perforated ear drum done through trauma is apparently something you will never forget!

Delicate bones in your middle ear you know!

Not just that, if you put too much pressure on it, you can force the fluid into the middle ear cavity. This could damage the middle ear bones at worst, or cause a middle ear infection at best. So be warned, soft and gentle.

Remember, gentle and comfortable?

Like I said, gentle and comfortable earwax removal by a professional, we promise not to blow out your eardrum!  

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