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Introducing HyperSound Clear To Glasgow

Hypersound Clear

Introducing a first-of-its-kind directed audio solution designed for individuals with hearing loss

At Clements Hearing Services  we are committed to bringing you the latest in hearing technology and we are really excited about a new product that we are introducing in Glasgow. Being able to hear and understand the television better is a top priority for many people. Turning the volume up does not always resolve the problem and is uncomfortable for others watching TV with you. In fact it is one of the prime reasons for arguments at home for people with hearing loss. 

Can't hear the TV, You Have To Try This!

This amazing new technology can resolve your problems whether you are using a hearing aid or not. We are proud to be one of the first clinics in Glasgow to offer HyperSound Clear™ 500P, a state of the art directed audio system designed to help you hear the TV better. Here are a few features and benefits of the new HyperSound Clear™500P: 

  • •    Allows you to listen using your HyperSound Clear™ 500P volume control while family and friends use the TV’s volume control.
  • •    No headphones required.
  • •    It improves sound clarity and speech intelligibility on all of your favorite TV programs, movies and newscasts.  Even those hard to understand English programs!
  • •    We can program HyperSound Clear™ 500P to your hearing profile and preferences

HyperSound’s audio travels in a focused direction along a narrow beam, unlike traditional speakers that emit sound waves in all directions.

Hypersound beamed audio

HyperSound® speakers improve sound clarity and speech intelligibility for individuals with
hearing loss. Through innovative directed audio technology, HyperSound Clear™ offers a
fundamentally new way to deliver sound, and has the potential to revolutionize the home
listening experience for individuals with hearing loss and their families and friends.

Hypersound Clear

HyperSound Clear Benefits

The benefits you can expect from a HyperSound Clear system are:

  1. Crystal clear sound beamed to the targeted listener without the need to wear headphones
  2. Improved sound clarity and speech intelligibility for targeted listener and
  3. normal TV volumes for everyone else in the room
  4. Simple set-up and compatible with most existing TV speakers, soundbars, or surround sound systems
  5. Programmable and customizable by a hearing healthcare professional to your hearing profile and preferences (NAL-R)
  6. Superior voice content when watching Dolby surround sound programs and movies through proprietary voice optimization feature
  7. Enhanced home listening experience with family and friends, helping to increase happiness and improve your quality of life

You Have To Try This Out

We will be soon setting up a demonstration unit in our hearing aid centre in Glasgow, so you will be able to try out this fantastic new technology your self. It is quite amazing, believe me, I was completely blown away. So if you are looking for:

BETTER listening experience
IMPROVED sound clarity
MORE family movie nights

Then you really need to try out this product. If you have any questions, if you are interested in the system or you would like to find out more about how it can make your life better, or if you have any questions about hearing loss, hearing healthcare or hearing aids in Glasgow, give us a call on 0141 954 6030 or book your appointment online now

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