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Think You Have Hearing Loss?

A Deceptive Problem

Hearing loss is a deceptive problem and because of that it takes the average person between five and seven years to go for a hearing test. While the person with hearing loss may be unsure, usually the warning signs of hearing loss are very clear to others. However, it isn't usually stubborness or denial that is the problem. That may not be the case at all,  it could be that the indicators of hearing loss are much more clear to others than they are to them.

This is not uncommon, often a person with hearing loss is the very last to realise they have a problem but there are valid reasons why:

1. Hearing loss slowly develops

Most of the time hearing loss happens slowly and gradually, this means that the person simply doesn’t notice the change. Hearing loss is insidious, a gradual loss of 1-2 decibels over the course of 10-20 years is hard to notice. That’s why friends and family members are nearly always the first to recognise hearing loss.

2. Hearing loss is often high-frequency only

The majority of hearing loss cases are in the high-frequencies which are the part of hearing that is responsible for clarity of speech. Often the person can still hear low-frequency sounds quite well or even normally. Speech cues, however are challenging for those with hearing loss to follow. These high frequency sounds make speech clear and understandable. This is why it’s typical for those with hearing loss to say, “my hearing is fine, everyone else mumbles.” What is really confusing for someone with this type of hearing loss is that it seems they can hear fine, just indistinctly. 

3. Turning up the volume helps, for a while

People struggling with hearing loss often turn up the volume on their audio, and this does help for a while. Eventually though, even higher levels of volume just doesn't help, because the balance of sound is wrong. This coping strategy is probably the main reason for most arguments at home or at work when high volumes begin to upset other people.

4. Hearing loss is painless and invisible

Hearing loss is a subjective disorder, it cannot be diagnosed by visible examination and it usually is not accompanied by any pain or discomfort. If people with hearing loss do not perceive a problem, then they likely won’t take any action. The only method to accurately diagnose hearing loss is through a hearing test. This is the only way to objectively determine whether hearing loss is present, often though, the difficult part is getting to that point.

It can be irritating for family members when someone with hearing loss refuses to accept the problem. However, you need to keep in mind that they may not realise the extent of the problem. Hearing loss as a condition has been connected to many neurolgical problems in the recent past. So treating hearing loss has become even more important.

As an alternative to demanding that someone get their hearing examined, a more effective approach may be to allow them to understand the symptoms and educate them on the elements of hearing loss that make the condition practically invisible. In this way they can become to realise that the issue may be with their hearing and understand why they may have missed it.

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