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Eating Out With Hearing Loss

Eating out with hearing loss

Strategies to help you hear better when eating out

Restaurants can be very loud places and because of modern design sensibilities they just keep getting louder. Modern design trends ar for hard surfaces and minimalist design, so that means wooden floors not carpets, and very few other soft surfaces. 

Soft surfaces like heavy curtains, tablecloths and carpets help to absorb sound and reduce reverberation, therefore soaking up some of the noise. On top of the lack of soft furnishings, restaurants tend to turn up the music to ensure the sense of a lively buzz. Add to all that, large groups of people who are out socialising and you have a very loud place, especially if there is larger groups who usually tend to speak louder.

Normal hearing people can have problems

For people with normal hearing a restaurant can be a difficult place to hear their companions properly. For people with hearing loss, even when wearing hearing aids, it can be a nightmare. But, there are strategies that you can take that will help you to get the best experience.

The strategies

First of all, choose your restaurant carefully, when deciding where to eat, find out as much as possible about the restaurant. Check out the online reviews, if it is a very noisy place you will often find out there. Look out for photos of the dining area, check the design and furnishings for features that will soak up sound. 

Go early

In the early evening these places tend to be less busy and hence, quieter. Of course weekends may well be different. Going early should give you the ability to pick the seating that best suits you. 

Request a quiet table

When you are making your booking, request a quieter table if possible. The ideal position for people with hearing loss is a corner table. This will allo you to turn your back to the bulk of the noise. When wearing hearing aids this allows the directionality features in them to work at their best allowing you a much better opportunity to hear better. 

Tell them to turn down the music

If the music is too loud, ask them to turn it down. You are a paying customer and the idea is to enjoy your dining experience. Be polite and friendly but explain that you can't enjoy your experience with blaring music. 

Try to sit in a well lit area

A well lit area will allow you to clearly see the face of your companion or companions. This will allow you to use visual cues to aid understanding of speech. 

Follow these tips and it should ensure that you have a better dining experience. If you have any questions about hearing loss, hearing healthcare or hearing aids in Glasgow, give us a call on 0141 954 6030 or book your appointment online now

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