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More of The Latest Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Audeo B-R hearing aids

In the last article, "The Latest and Best Rechargeable Hearing Aids" I discussed rechargeable hearing aids available from Unitron and GN Resound. In this article, I want to cover Phonak rechargeable hearing aids and a recent rechargeable hearing aid device from Widex. As I said, modern rechargeable hearing aids are proving exceptionally popular, they really do seem to have caught the imagination of the public. Every one of the leading hearing aid brands has now introduced a rechargeable hearing aid powered by Lithium-Ion or Silver-Zinc systems. 

Phonak Rechargeable Digital Hearing Aids

Phonak were actually the first hearing aid company to introduce modern rechargeable hearing devices. They introduced the first ever Lithium-Ion rechargeable device with their first-ever Audeo (Receiver In Canal) rechargeable hearing aids. They are one of only two hearing aid brands that use a Lithium-Ion power pack with Signia / Siemens being the second.

From their introduction, the devices have proven hugely popular with hearing aid users. They have since expanded their rechargeable hearing aids range to include a Behind The Ear hearing aid. Let's take a look at the devices from Phonak


Audeo Belong Rechargeable Hearing Devices

Audeo Belong RechargeableAs I said, the Audeo Belong-R hearing device range was the first of the Lithium-ion devices to be released. It was also the first ever Phonak hearing device range with a rechargeable option. Phonak offered the option as part of their new range of Belong hearing aids which came with an upgraded operating system, the latest version of Phonak's SoundRecover2 and new microphones and programme buttons.

The range uses the existing Venture chipset and is available in four technology levels, the 90, the 70, the 50 and the 30. The rechargeable option is not available in the lowest 30 level of technology which means that if you want to get this amazingly popular device you will have to move up to the 50 level of technology at the least.   

What are the key features

  • Rechargeable lithium-ion power cell
  • 24 hours continuous use with up to 5 hours streaming
  • Easy charging
  • Unique OneShell design
  • Only available in the 90, 70 and 50 level of tech


Bolero Belong Rechargeable Hearing Devices

Bolero Belong Rechargeable hearing aidPhonak launched its new Bolero Belong platform of BTE hearing aids sometime later. It included an anticipated lithium-ion rechargeable Bolero B-PR. It is the first Lithium-ion rechargeable BTE to the market and the first Phonak BTE hearing device range with a rechargeable option. They say that it will deliver 24 hours of hearing with one simple charge.

The hearing aid will run on the new improved AutoSense OS and will only be available in the top three levels of technology. As is the case with the Audeo B-R, it will not be available at the lowest tech level.

What are the key features

  • Rechargeable lithium-ion power cell
  • Telecoil
  • 24 hours continuous use with up to 5 hours streaming
  • Easy charging
  • Unique OneShell design
  • Only available in the 90, 70 and 50 level of tech

As I said in the first article, there are pros and cons to the Lithium-Ion powered devices. You should make yourself aware of them before you make decisions about purchase. 

Widex Rechargeable Digital Hearing Aids

Widex was one of the last to introduce rechargeable hearing aids. Widex has been working on an innovative and groundbreaking power source for hearing aids called Fuel Cells. They have been working on the technology for many years, many think that when and if they make the breakthrough, it will change hearing aids forever.

However, and unfortunately, it seems that 2017 will not be the year for Fuel Cells. While we are waiting, and for now, they have introduced a Z Power Silver-Zinc rechargeable hearing aid system for their popular Beyond hearing aids. 

Widex Rechargeable Beyond Z RIC Hearing Aid

Beyond Z rechargeable hearing aids

Widex decided that a rechargeable version of their popular Beyond Made For iPhone hearing aids was the way forward for them. The Beyond hearing aids had some problems early on with connectivity problems with iPhones. However, Widex pushed out a device firmware upgrade that seems to have fixed the problem. 

The new rechargeable device will be powered by the Z Power system, hence the rechargeable Beyond is named the Beyond Z. It is expected that it will be released for sale in the UK in December or January of next year. They will also introduce rechargeable upgrade kits at the same time, which means existing Beyond hearing aid users can upgrade their hearing aids to rechargeable devices if they wish.  

  • Rechargeable silver-zinc power cell
  • 24 hours continuous use
  • Available in all levels of tech
  • Easy to replace battery pack
  • User can use disposable batteries if needed

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