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Over One Thousand Ears Cleaned!

One thousandth ear wax removal

A Thousand and One Earwax Removals in Glasgow

We were a little bit stunned recently to realise that we were about to undertake a thousandth and our thousand and first earwax removal. We could hardly believe it, we had to check it twice. Funnily enough, for a special occasion, we got a special duo, a father and son team!

The Friels are long term customers of ours and we thought it fitting that they would be number one thousand and number one thousand and one. So Sean snr and Sean jnr came in to see us, they were also happy to pose for the camera. 

Sean jnr has a long term severe hearing loss, however, he hasn't let that hold him back in any way. He is currently studying but hopes to work in filmmaking when he graduates. He wears Unitron hearing aids but he is thinking about wider solutions for his loss that will allow him to have an easier time in all of the sound situations he faces. He actually likes the idea of the Roger Pen system that we spoke about in the last article or the Resound remote mic system

Looking towards our second thousandth

It still amazes us that we have undertaken so many wax removal procedures, but we are happy that we have helped so many people, by relieving them of the discomfort of earwax build up. 

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