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Phonak Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Phonak rechargeable hearing aids Glasgow

Phonak introduced its first ever rechargeable hearing aid technology last month and it has proved amazingly popular. So popular in fact that believe it or not they are finding it hard to keep up with demand worldwide. Let's take a look at these brand new hearing aids and why they are so popular. 

Rechargeable hearing aids have been around for a long time, but Phonak have never moved forward with the products. In the main this is because the technology available wasn't quite up to scratch. The battery technology available meant that a full day of use was not necessarily guaranteed. The batteries would also have to be replaced an a yearly basis as they lost the ability to retain a charge. 

For Phonak these conditions were intolerable, they didn't feel that using the available technology would be of service to their customers. With the introduction of lithium-ion technology to hearing aid batteries that has changed. The batteries will deliver a full day's use on one charge and they can be recharged for years without losing capacity. 

The Audeo BR Hearing Aid Range

As we said, this is a whole new concept for them, rechargeable digital hearing devices. The Audeo B-R hearing aid range has been available in the UK for close to a month, let's talk about what it has to offer. 

The freedom of Not changing your batteries

Audeo B-R Rechargeable hearing aids
Phonak Audeo B-R in Case 

Firstly they offer the opportunity to be free of disposable hearing aid batteries. Something which many hearing instrument users would be happy about. The groundbreaking built-in lithium-ion battery technology will offer you 24 hours of use with one three hour charge. That includes some audio streaming as well. 

With 40% more power than conventional rechargeable batteries, lithium-ion is both reliable and capable of supporting the superior technology and performance of Phonak hearing aids.

Innovative New Battery Tech

Audeo B-R hearing aids in Case


Well Designed

Phonak have thought of everything, they have designed an easy to use recharger case, an optional stand alone power pack and a small desk top charger, the Audeo B-R is designed with ease of use and the user in mind. The devices will be available in the Belong 90 (top of the range), Belong 70 and Belong 50 ranges. It will not be available in the Belong 30 entry level range. 


We think that the popularity of these devices and the introduction of lithium-ion technology to hearing aids will see a resurgence of these devices. Other manufacturers will probably follow in the footsteps of Phonak introducing their own ranges of rechargeable devices. 

One battery manufacturer has moved forward with an add on system for exisitng hearing aids. ZPower, an American company has begun to offer their rechargeable system that can be retrofitted on Phonak Audeo Venture models as well as Siemens/Signia and GN Resound Linx2 models. The system is silver zinc as opposed to lithium ion, however ZPower are confident that they can provide a full day of use. 

We think that the future is probably going to be rechargeable, at least for many BTE hearing devices. It will be interesting to see if the same technology can be brought to custom devices. If you would like to experience this fantastic technology or if you have any questions about hearing loss, ear wax removal, hearing healthcare or hearing aids in Glasgow, give us a call on 0141 954 6030 or book your appointment online now

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