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ReSound Phone Clip+

The Phone Clip+

We have already talked about wireless accessories from GN ReSound, however, it is worth having a deeper look at the Phone Clip+. The device deliver real benefits and offers greater versatility to people wearing GN ReSound hearing aids. GN ReSound says that the new phone clip gives you new levels of phone freedom, but it actually does so much more. That is why we really like it here at Clements Hearing Services. Lets look at what it can do for you. 

Quality Mobile Phone Calls Anywhere

The Phone Clip+ delivers crystal clear phone calls and streaming audio straight to your hearing aids. So both you and the person you are talking to can hear clearly and enjoy the conversation. It even works very well in noisy environments allowing you to concentrate on your caller with little interference.

Quality calls on the ReSound Phone Clip+

Stream Stereo Music

You can use your Phone Clip+ to stream stereo quality music from your phone, your mp3 player, even your television to your hearing aids. Once the device is Bluetooth™-enabled you can stream audio through the Phone Clip+. This feature allows real versatility so you can stream all the sound sources you want. 

Stream stereo music direct to your hearing aids

Advanced headset functionality

The Phone Clip+ also gives you easy-to-use, state-of-the-art headset functionality. You can access last number redial and voice dialing. This is another function that delivers real power above and beyond just streaming audio.

easy to learn tips and tricks

The added convenience of a remote control

When you are not on the phone, you can use the Phone Clip+ as a remote control for your ReSound hearing aids. You can also combine the Phone Clip+ with the new ReSound Control™ app giving you deeper control over your hearing aids from your smartphone. With the ReSound Control app and Phone Clip+, you can turn your iPhone or Android smartphone into an easy to use remote control for your wireless hearing aids. the app allows you to control the volume and program settings of your hearing aids using the phone you already carry with you.

Too much background noise?

Just turn that background noise off, the Phone Clip+ allows you to turn the microphones in your hearing aids off, this completely mutes the surrounding sound, effectively muting the background noise. So if you are having trouble hearing your caller, simply click the microphone mute button and you won't have to worry about it any longer.

This makes it easier to focus on your conversation and the phone call. Advanced noise cancelling also allows your caller to hear better as well. The two features combined mean that even in a noisy place, you can still converse with ease with the Phone Clip+.

Intuitive To Use

The device is quite intuitive to use, the buttons are clear, large enough for easy use and pretty much put where you would expect them to be. The Phone Clip+ also allows support for  for two devices at a time. So you can stay connected to two of your BluetoothTM devices at the same time and switch between them.

The Phone Clip+ is an excellent add on for anyone with ReSound wireless hearing aids, it delivers real benefits to the user far beyond just clear mobile phone calls. However, for many, just easy use of a mobile phone is a welcome change. If you want to try out the Phone Clip+, come and see us at our hearing aid centre in Glasgow.

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