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All Makes Hearing Aid Repairs Glasgow

We repair all makes of hearing aids whether or not you bought your aids from us.

All Makes Hearing Aid Repairs

Hearing Aid Repairs

We offer hearing aid repairs for all makes and brands of hearing aids at our hearing aid centres in Dublin and across Ireland. Sometimes, age and use can take their toll on hearing aids making them fail. While sometimes we can repair the hearing aid on the spot, occasionally they will need the attentions of a trained repair technician. If we can't repair it immediately, we will handle the return of the hearing aid to the Manufacturer's repair facility for you. However you can reduce the problems by taking care of your hearing aids with a clean and care routine.  

Just bring in any hearing aid you might be having a problem with and we'll check it over for you. Sometimes it's a simple matter of blockage or something simple like a change of filter which we can correct on the spot for little or no charge. If we have to send it away we'll have it repaired for you and any manufacturer's warranty would be honoured through us. If it's out of warranty our repair charges are fair and reasonable.

We could even lend you an aid from our Flex Trial programme while your aid's away being repaired.