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Hearing Aid Technology and Lifestyle

By matching available technologies with lifestyle we can lead you to a solution which is right for you.

Hearing Aids & Lifestyle

Some people spend most of their life quietly at home, perhaps mostly interacting with one or a small number of others at a time, or enjoying the comfort of a favourite TV or radio programme. Others live a busier life, perhaps working in an office with many colleagues, attending meetings and visiting a busy restaurant for dinner. These two are extreme examples at opposite ends of a spectrum each with facing very different demands when faced with the need to cope with hearing loss.

Hearing Aid Technology Levels Explained

The Different Levels Of Technology

Most hearing aid manufacturers will produce hearing aids in four levels of technology from basic to high technology. Each level of technology will reproduce sound to a prescription very well. In other words, each level of technology will act perfectly well to help you hear better. Where the technology levels differ is in relation to where they will help you hear better. What follows is a simple explanation of hearing aid technology levels.

Entry Level Hearing Aids

Entry level hearing aids will help you hear in quiet environments where there isn't many competing sound demands. They should also help you understand the TV and phone callers. 

Basic Level Hearing Aids

These are a step up from entry level and will help you in slightly more demanding sound situations. They will help you hear more clearly in groups and less demanding social situations. 

Mid Level Hearing Aids

Mid level hearing aid technology is designed to begin to address more demanding sound situations. They are designed to deliver better hearing for someone who is socially active and finds themselves in many different sound situations. 

High End Hearing Aids

These are the very pinnacle of each manufacturer's achievements, these hearing devices are designed to give you the optimum chance to hear clearly in every situation that you might find yourself in. They are manufactured with active people in mind and should meet their demands. 

The Right Hearing Aid For You

By matching available technologies with lifestyle we can lead you to a hearing aid solution which is right for you. In giving you this advice we are able to draw on a rich set of features which will add benefit to your hearing experience. We list a few of these below . Even the names should be suggestive of benefit.

  • Speech enhancement
  • Noise reduction
  • Directional microphones

Often these features work together in varying degrees depending on the listening environment you are in. The hearing aids analyse and adapt to these environments and employ the various features automatically and seamlessly.
All you have to do is listen!


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