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Test drive your hearing aids

Free Trials on Hearing Aids

Take home the ideal hearing aid system for your hearing needs - live with it - hear with it and enjoy. No cost no obligation to buy.

Test drive your hearing aids

Free Hearing Aid Trial

Now we are offering a remarkable new programme that lets you test your hearing aids at home, at work, at play before you buy them. It's called Flex Trial and it's a system only available from Unitron, one of the hearing aid manufacturers that we use.

How The Trial Works

  • We'll test your hearing free of charge.
  • If you qualify you will go home with hearing aids at an agreed technology level precisely programmed to your hearing needs and preferences.
  • You can try this out in the comfort of your own life.
  • If having tried them. you decide you love them you can move forward to the purchase of your own hearing aids.
  • If it's something less than love - no problem - you might want to try another level of technology or you simply might want to walk away. If so you will owe us absolutely nothing.

We are a Unitron approved Flex Trial Centre and we would be delighted to introduce you to the programme. Give us a call today on 0141 954 6030.


Looking For A Free Hearing Aid Trial in Glasgow? Call 0141 954 6030

We offer a free trial on our hearing aids at our hearing centre in Crow Road, Glasgow.
Too difficult to reach us? We'll come to you. We offer free local home tests.

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