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Hearing Protection in Glasgow

Hearing is precious, protect yours

Your ears are bombarded daily by noise. If you partake in activities which increase the exposure to noise you risk early onset noise induced hearing loss.

This could be from performing or listening to music, industrial noise at your workplace or riding a motorcycle. In all of the above you should use hearing protection.

We are the local agents for Advanced Communication Systems who specialise in the production of the highest quality custom ear protection. We offer a full packaged service with the supply of their excellent products including:

  • Professional advice as to the selection of the hearing protection product appropriate to your needs
  • A hearing test at your initial visit to identify any existing or potential hearing loss and to provide a baseline for future comparison.
  • An annual update of your hearing test
  • Professional examination of the ear canals prior to impression taking
  • Removal of any wax if needed
  • The taking of ear impressions
  • The ordering of the appropriate hearing protection from ACS
  • The fitting of the earplugs on arrival
  • A full post fitting care service.

To find out more about ACS products please follow the links below:

  • ACS PRO Series Hearing Protection
  • T Series In-Ear Monitors

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We supply custom hearing protection at our hearing centre in Crow Road, Glasgow.

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