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Speech Tests

Speech testing is in addition to pure tone testing and gives us very important information about your ability to understand speech in quiet and in noise.

We find it convenient to conduct speech tests using a free field loudspeaker in our testing room through which we present lists of words and sentences to subjects and score their ability to follow the speech signal.Routinely we use a abbreviated method of speech testing designed to be easy to perform without stress to the patient , whilst providing us with important information for hearing aid selection and fitting.

Speech in quiet.

We use pre-recorded word lists which have been especially designed for the purpose. We start with a presentation at the estimated comfortable loudness for the subject of a number of words ask the subject to repeat the words exactly as they are heard or just to repeat what they think they hear. We then record the percentage of words repeated correctly. The use of pre recorded wordlists at a controlled volume allows for uniformity and control during testing.

This is usually done both before and after hearing aid fitting with the desired level of improvement in speech discrimination being achieved by successful hearing aid fitting.

Speech in noise

We now offer Quick SIN (Speech in noise) and ANL (Acceptable noise level) tests which quickly and conveniently tell us how well the subject will adapt to amplification and how well they will cope with background noise. This information is invaluable in helping us to recommend the correct level of technology in the hearing aid prescription.