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Spring Clean Your Hearing Aids

Spring is Here

The annual arrival of the crocuses heralds the coming of Spring, and they are nowhere more beautiful than on the eastern border of Balshagray drive, which Val and I pass each morning on our way to the clinic. Spring has sprung -the season of freshness and renewal. So- How about renewing your hearing instruments?

New Year, New Hearing Aid Technology

There’s a lot that’s new in hearing instrument technology and this spring we are celebrating this by staging a new hearing aid technology event.

The Smallest Ever RIC Hearing Aid

We will be showcasing the newest technologies from our main suppliers including Moxi Now with lifestyle analyser to help us choose the ideal match for your lifestyle – the smallest receiver in the canal aid in the world.

The Latest Way To Hear in Noise

We know that hearing in background noise is a real challenge and we will also be demonstrating the latest ways of improving hearing in background noise. Smartphone users will be amazed at how the phone talks to and controls the new generation of made for Smartphone hearing aids.

At the event you will:

  • - Enjoy a full hearing assessment performed using the most up to date testing equipment.
  • - Be fitted with the new hearing aids judged the most suitable for you on a two week trial.
  • - If after the trial, you decide to buy you will be offered a part exchange grant of up to 20%.
  • - All attendees will be given a free hearing aid hygiene kit and complimentary wax removal (worth £60) if needed.
  • - Get the opportunity to meet Alistair Davidson our expert from major hearing instrument supplier , Unitron and John Stewart from another great company  G N Resound.

Event details:-

Date: Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd March

Time:10-00am till 6-00pm

We would love you to experience the benefits of this new technology, and we expect demand for appointments to be high. So don’t delay – call us now on 0141 -954 6030 to take advantage of this springtime opportunity.

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