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Anja Starheart, Glasgow

I am a criminal defence lawyer, who's hearing was always poor and was worsening. I deal with clients, witnesses, judges, other lawyers, etc. every day and it is particularly important to be able to hear and note accurately, what was said. In social situations, with background noise, I found it very difficult to hear what was said and it becomes embarrassing to ask s/one what they said, several times, and still not always getting it. I always had the television turned up loud. The NHS gave me one hearing aid, which was very visible and I was embarrassed wearing it. I also failed to help as it simply made extraneous noises, traffic, etc, louder.

I was fitted with 2 very discrete aids, which no-one noticed until I said I had them in. I am not embarrassed to use them. The impact was immediate, with a great improvement in what I could hear. I heard my intercom buzzer clearly for the first time in years. I could hear properly in the pub and court. Even when I do not have them in I feel that they have helped to improve my general hearing too.