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Unitron Rechargeable Hearing Aids Arrive

Unitron Moxi Fit R

The Unitron Tempus Range Finally Arives

We attended the launch of the latest Tempus hearing aids from Unitron last week and we were really impressed with the new hearing aids. The rechargeaable hearing aid option is a big story and the fact that it is a backward compatible feature really took us by surprise, so we wer kid of focused on that going down there, but then we discovered there is so much more to the platform.

Spatial Sound Awareness

Sounds like some sort of weird sixth sense doesn't it? Well it isn't, it is simply the knack that we all have to understand where sounds are coming from. This ability actually allows us separate the sound we want to hear, from the sound we don't. Unfortunately it is one of the things that we lose when we have hearing loss and hearing aids have traditionally not been great at restoring it. That is, up to now.

We wore a set of the Tempus aids and we were genuinely astonished at the spatial awareness it gave us. It was clear where sounds were coming from, what direction and even the sense of how far away. This really is the first time I have worn a set of Unitron hearing aids and been blown away by this feature.

This feature is supported by several different features within the hearing aids and it is one of the things that is responsible for the huge leap forward in speech recognition the devices give. Let's take a look at the Tempus.

Unitron Tempus Hearing Aids

Conversations Drive The World and Tempus Drives Conversations

Focused on Conversations

You spend two thirds of your day connecting with people through conversation. Unitron has made it their focus to help you do it with ease.

50% More Accurate Than Ever Before 

Tempus is 50% more accurate than ever before. Delivering an outstanding experience for all conversations.

36% Faster Than Ever Before 

Unitron's  fastest hearing platform yet, delivering seamless changes at the speed of sound so you simply hear better. 

Receiver in Canal & behind the ear hearing aids

The new Tempus is available in both RIC and BTE hearing aids with ITE hearing aids to be released later.

Fully Automatic hearing aids

Using an infinite mix of seven sound situations, the Tempus delivers what you need no matter the situation.

Rechargeable Hearing Aid Option

Sick of changing your batteries? They got you covered, they have introduced the world's smallest  rechargeable aid    

Making Sure You Can Hear The Conversation

Simply Best In Conversations

The  new Tempus range is a full family of hearing aid solutions with five technology levels. This is truly groundbreaking technology that is focused on simply driving your conversations.

Using an infinite mix of seven sound situations, the Tempus delivers what you need to hear better no matter the situation.Whether sharing, laughing, debating, commiserating, or simply being a great listener, their intelligent SoundCore technology makes conversations more enjoyable.

The four features work together seamlessly to understand your listening environment, making the instant, fluid adjustments that you need to actively participate in every conversation, no matter the situation. So you can simply get on with enjoying the conversation without worrying about anything else.  

Smallest Ever Rechargeable Hearing Aid

The Smallest RIC, Now The Smallest Rechargeable

With the introduction of the Moxi Fit R, Unitron now has both the smallest ever RIC hearing aid, and the smallest ever Rechargeable hearing aid in their line-up. Their new rechargeable technology ensures that the system is forgiving, stable and very safe. On top of that, not only will the rechargeable option be available in every technology level it is also backward compatible!

If You own a Moxi Fit on the North Platform, You Can Make it Rechargeable by Simply Buying The Kit!

Moxi Hearing Aids

The Moxi Range is already an outstanding range of Receiver in Canal hearing aids, Unitron has already delivered the smallest RIC hearing aid yet with the Moxi Now. With the Tempus range they will now introduce the smallest rechargeable hearing aid ever. Unitron have picked silver-zinc battery technology (the safest rechargeable technology) which allows you to change out the battery with ease if you need to. It also means that you can use ordinary hearing aid batteries when you forget to charge them (we all know we will forget to charge them right!). 

The Hearing Aids

  • Moxi Now: The smallest wireless RIC in the world! Discretion, style and power, all in a tiny package.
  • Moxi Fit: Style meets functionality with a 312 battery, push button and telecoil.
  • Moxi Fit R: World’s smallest, most flexible rechargeable hearing aid wrapped in award-winning design.
  • Moxi Kiss: Hard to resist with a 312 battery, enticing style and a fully automatic experience. 
  • Moxi Dura: Long-life 13 battery and durability that keeps up.

Moxi Tempus range

Stride Hearing Aids

The Stride range is Unitron's BTE range of hearing aids, now updated with the latest features of the Tempus platform they offer outstanding performance with cast iron reliability. So you can connect with the conversation with confidence. 

The Hearing Aids

  • Stride M: Style and discretion meet top-of-class power and comfort that’s second to none.
  • Stride P Dura: Moisture resistance and durability.
  • Stride P: Stylish design with dual controls for program and volume adjustments.

Stride Tempus hearing aids

Technology Levels

The Tempus range is available in five different levels of technolgy

T Pro – These premium hearing aids work together to automatically help you hear your best in all types of conversations. When background noise is high, your hearing aids will focus on speech from any direction. You will also enjoy effortless, natural hearing and enhanced music performance.

T 800 – Both hearing aids communicate to automatically help you hear better in all types of conversations, especially when background noise is high. You will enjoy effortless, natural hearing and enhanced music performance.

T 700 – Both hearing aids communicate to automatically help you hear better, especially when background noise is high. You will enjoy effortless, natural hearing.

T 600 – These hearing aids automatically help you hear better in some types of conversations and when you are simply relaxing.

T 500 – These hearing aids help you hear better, especially in quieter environments.

U control app

Giving You Control

The Control You Need With The U Control App

The U Control app gives you greater control over your hearing experience, while providing you with a crystal clear picture of what is going on with your hearing aids. It also allows you to collaborate with your professional in your hearing care. You can: 

  • 1. Watch how-to videos to get more familiar with Your hearing instruments.
  • 2. Change Your hearing instrument programs.
  • 3. Control Your hearing instrument volume.
  • 4. Rate Your hearing instrument performance in the exact moments they happen. These performance ratings are transferred to us, allowing us a greater understanding of how you are getting on.

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